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    Nitara is a vampire in the Mortal Kombat series introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.

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    Nitara is a vampire introduced in Mortal Kombat:  Deadly Alliance as one of the new combatants.  She desires to separate her home realm of Vaeternus, the realm of vampires, from Outworld.  However, the key she seeks, the orb that binds the two realms together, is surrounded by molten magma that she herself can't cross.  When she comes across the cyborg Cyrax, she believes that he could be of help to her.
    Nitara goads the devolved and increasingly feral Reptile into attacking Cyrax and instructs him to damage the component on the cyborg's arm that would allow him to return to Earthrealm.  Reptile does as told, but is subsequently driven off by Cyrax.  Once Reptile is gone, Nitara approaches Cyrax and offers him a deal;  she would help him return to Earthrealm if he helped her recover the orb.  Without any other choice, Cyrax agrees, and they depart on their journey.
    Nitara was not playable again until Mortal Kombat:  Armageddon.  When it's discovered that a cursed blade that corrupts its wielder into becoming a crazed murderer of vampires is responsible for the genocide of the Moroi Empire of her home realm, she is sent on a quest to acquire the one power said to be great enough to stop the blade's onslaught. 


    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance 

    At the end of their journey, Cyrax manages to recover the orb Nitara sought and presents it to her.  Making good on her promise, Nitara sends Cyrax back to Earthrealm, and then destroys the orb.  After falling unconscious, she awakens in her home realm, Vaeternus, now freed from Outworld.

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

    Upon defeating Blaze and taking the prized power, Nitara is transformed into a blood god.  Starting with Shao Kahn, she uses her powers to transform all of the other warriors into her vampire servants and uses her forces to conquer the realms.


    Nitara's Fatality in Deadly Alliance is a vampiric neck bite.  She leaps on top of her opponent, tears into his/her throat with her fangs, and then drinks her fill before letting her victim fall dead.

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