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    Xbox Game Studios

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    Also known as "Microsoft Games", "Microsoft Game Studios", and "Microsoft Studios", Xbox Game Studios is a primary subsidiary of the Microsoft Gaming division and handles publishing of their studios' games (including the Halo, Forza, and Gears of War series).

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    Xbox Game Studios, originally known as Microsoft Games (then Microsoft Game Studios, then Microsoft Studios) is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation created in March 2000 that focuses on the development and publishing of games from several studios owned by the company. It later became part of the broader "Microsoft Gaming" division, alongside ZeniMax Media, Activision Blizzard, and other Xbox-related divisions.

    Prior to Microsoft Games's formation, Microsoft handled game publishing themselves, later through an internal "Games Group" team. They also developed some smaller games in-house, usually those included in either the Microsoft Entertainment Pack collections or the Microsoft Windows operating system themselves.

    In addition to publishing games from internal studios, Microsoft Studios often partners with prominent third-party developers, such as Epic, Bioware and Remedy, to publish their IPs exclusively for Microsoft-supported systems.





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