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The Community Spotlight - 02/20/2016

While you're waiting for that server to find you another match or while you're debating which warring family to side with, why don't ya come on into the Spotlight and relax for a bit?

Banner provided by Fobwashed!
Banner provided by Fobwashed!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! As our truncated month approaches its slow but sure conclusion the Giant Bomb community continues to amaze with its activity this week. From online fighting games to preventing wildfires it was an interesting week for the video game industry as well. So, without further ado let's get on with the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight!

Clip(s) of the Week

Giant Beastcast "Animated" - Song of the Deep (South) (By: auzura)

YouTube user auzura animated Austin's and Vinny's Song of the Deep conversation from the Giant Beastcast from a while back. The end results are nothing but hilarious.

Giant Bomb HD Remix - Persona 4 Endurance Run (By: @stordoff)

Hey remember how last week marked the seven year anniversary of Giant Bomb's Persona 4 Endurance Run? Well, stordoff has converted the first episode of the Persona 4: Endurance Run into HD video! Check out the goods on his latest post about his progress with the entire series.

B.E.A.S.Tales - Mun Theme (By: @sebmal)

sebmal dubbed the DuckTales moon theme to Vinny's more spectacular failures from Project B.E.A.S.T., and unsurprisingly it works well.

Giant Bomb Galleria

BANNER - I Drew Dr Tracksuit as a SF2 character (By: @fobwashed)

With the Giant Bomb community completely buzzing about Street Fighter V Fobwashed felt inspired to create this wonderful piece of artwork of Dr. Tracksuit as a Street Fighter II character.

Big Jeffrey Anime King (By: @chrissavely)

On a more horrifying note here's "Big Jeffrey Anime King" by chrissavely!

Who Has the Power to Anger Jason? Why It's Dan! (By: @monkeyking1969)

There is one man who has the power to anger Jason at the drop of a hat, and monkeyking1969 knows who it is.

Giant Bomb Comics - Jason's New Dan Baby (By: @pabba)

Inspired by the last couple of UPFs, Pabba created this HILARIOUS comic of Jason "raising" and "comforting" a growing Dan Ryckert.

I Made The Giant Bomb Logo As A Cartoon Character (By: @jollygraygiant)

JollyGrayGiant envisioned the Giant Bomb logo as a cartoon character this week!

Community Activities

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The Giant Bomb Rocket League Snow Day Open Tournament

We now have a Giant Bomb Rocket League Open Tournament all set up! Learn how to join it by commenting on this forum topic!

Street Fighter V Fighter ID Thread

Join and comment on our Street Fighter V Fighter ID sharing thread if you want to play with other Giant Bomb users!

Street Fighter V Online Practice and Beginning Players Community Thread

Do you want to practice Street Fighter V with Giant Bomb users that are learning how to play the game? Then this is the community thread for you!

Best of Blogs

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How Everyone Can Improve at Street Fighter V (By: @megabite10164)

With plenty of users talking about Street Fighter V this week, and most likely for a while, megabite10164 shares some sage advice that he has regarding how to improve your online performance playing the game.

Firewatch - My Playthrough, My Life (SPOILERS) (By: @zimlorog)

zimlorog comments on how Firewatchcouldn’t have come at a better time for him on his highly personal blog that is definitely worth a read.

Winter Standbys AKA "A Love Letter To The Dreamcast" (By: @neozeon)

NeoZeon cannot help but feel a little bit of nostalgia when thinking about the Dreamcast. So this week he wrote a love letter of sorts for Sega's last true video game console!

What is a Game? (By: @kamui)

Kamui pontificates on what makes a video game a "game." Read what he thinks you need for a good video game "stew" on this thought provoking blog.

A Short List of Street Fighter V Nitpicks (By: @perfidioussinn)

PerfidiousSinn has more than a few nitpicks with Street Fighter V, and not only he shares them on his latest blog, but also welcomes you to join him in this cathartic exercise.

My 50 Most Anticipated Games of 2016 - Part Three (#20-#11) (By: @devoureroftime)

DevourerOfTime continues to examine the 50 games set to launch in 2016 he is most excited about on his latest blog

The Ashes of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - A Thorough Look at S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 and the Legacy of the Franchise (By: @halidyusein)

HalidYusein took some time this week to re-examine his relationship with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.franchise and why he's still thinking about it today.

I Went On A Bit Of A Win98 Retro PC Kick (By: @seikenfreak)

It may sound a bit crazy, but Seikenfreak created a Windows 98 era computer from scratch in order to play old PC games in their intended format. Read all about his incredible journey on this write-up.

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Revisiting Mass Effect: Part 1 (By: @meteora3255)

As the first Mass Effect nears its 9th birthday, meteora325 went back to the source with this introspective blog post on what gives this game "staying power," all of these years after the fact.

Bloodborne: Bosswatch (Part 1) & Sunday Summaries 02/14/2014: Bloodborne (By: @mento)

Mento had a recurring theme this week regarding his blogs this time around. He was either doing amazing things on the Giant Bomb wiki, or he was pulling his hair out thanks to Bloodborne.

XCOM Time Capsule and Dragon's Dogma: Pawn Resources (By: @audiobusting)

audioBusting decided to give Firaxis's first attempt at making an XCOM game a shot, and you can read all about his impressions of XCOM: Enemy Unknown right here.

XCOM 2 Is (Un)Fair (By: @mirado)

Mirado responds to accusations that XCOM 2 is "unfair" to players, by extrapolating how the opposite is true.

It's Not You, It's Me: The Great Video Game Break-Up (By: @dankempster)

dankempster gives you an update on his latest adventures in gaming and the dead weight he is cutting from his backlog.

A Personal Video Game Retrospective (1986-2015) 1994 (By: @riostarwind)

RioStarwind continues his deep exploration of the various years in gaming that he has had the pleasure of enjoying. This week he takes the time to look back at the highs and lows of 1994.

Dark Souls (Day 6) - First Full Run w/ Highlights (Death Comp is Back!) (By: @flashflood_29)

FlashFlood_29 continues his examination of his first full run through Dark Souls this week and even included a death compilation video.

Join the Discussion

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Arcade Sticks: The Thread (By: @darthorange)

With the release of Street Fighter V, do you own an arcade stick? Join the community discussion, and post pictures of your stick over here.

Fire Emblem Fates Discussion Thread (By: @iodine)

Fire Emblem Fates has recently released for Western audiences, and as a result feel free to share your thoughts on what you have seen and played on this discussion thread.

Which Version of Fire Emblem Fates Are You Playing First? (By: @quid_pro_bono)

As if life were not complicated as it is but here you have Nintendo releasing THREE separate games under the Fire Emblem Fates name! Share which version of the game you plan on playing first on this community forum topic.

XCOM 2 Lack of Controller Support Discussion Thread (By: @xanadu)

Is the lack of controller support in XCOM 2 a deal breaker for you, or a non-issue? Join our debate on this issue over here.

Useful User Reviews

Lovable Lists

The Completionist's Lament (By: @mento)

There are some games that just will crush your soul if you try to collect or do everything in them. This week Mento has created a hilarious list detailing the games he thinks lend themselves the least to completionist tendencies.

Wonderful Wikis

Street Fighter V

The big release this week comes from the latest entry in the Street Fighter franchise! Learn all about which modes are actually in Street Fighter V by checking out our wiki page for the game!

Fire Emblem Fates

The latest edition of Nintendo's highly venerated turn-based strategy franchise Fire Emblem has more than one version that you can play. Learn all about the different versions by checking out our wiki page for the game.

Rocket League

Rocket League has officially released for the Xbox One with a few Halo based goodies to boot. Learn more about the little alternative sport game that could on our wiki page.

Jason's less than shocking response to Pabba's comic.
Jason's less than shocking response to Pabba's comic.