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The Community Spotlight - 09/09/2017

URNOTe for this edition of The Community Spotlight. It's thinking...

Oh, what a day, what a lovely day!
Oh, what a day, what a lovely day!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host this week. As everyone finally recovers from their PAX West 2017 induced hangover, the site is running at full capacity! Destiny 2 was the big video game release, and you'll find there are plenty of community activities and discussion treads related to the game on this week's Spotlight. Beyond that, there was a TON of user created artwork this week! Remember to always click the links to any artwork provided here, and support the artist however possible. Without further ado, let's talk about the one bit of housekeeping I want everyone to know about!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Fan Art - Bomb Boys II: Coast to Coast (By: @fishboneink)

Giant Bomb user FishboneINK took the Giant Bomb logo and well... made it more "extreme" let's just say. It's not horrifying even the slightest.

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The Wolf Of Giant Bomb (By: @brainwins)

brainwins found a movie poster he created ages ago but forgot to share with the community. Alex doesn't come across as someone guilty of insider trading.

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Dan Ryckert's The Grey (By: @fram)

Inspired by Dan's recent wolf concession from a while back, Giant Bomb user Fram combined Dan with the film The Grey to create this hilarious movie poster.

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Giant Bomb East x Waypoint Playdate (By: @morehandclaps)

morehandclaps greatly enjoyed last week's GBeast Playdate which featured a couple of Waypoint editors, Austin included, during the live stream.

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Dilbrad #38-40 (By: @oddparticle)

Last week a few users asked if there was a website where they could find all of the Dilbrad comics in one place. Luckily OddParticle went ahead and created a Dilbrad Tumblr page where he archives and updates the comic for anyone who enjoys the strip.

Tweets Of The Week

Community Activities

How goes the sci-fi multiplayer tomfoolery in Destiny 2?
How goes the sci-fi multiplayer tomfoolery in Destiny 2?

Giant Bomb Destiny 2 Clans And Group Utilities (By: @hestilllives19)

It sounds like the launch of Destiny 2 might have been a bit rocky, but there are still Giant Bomb community run clans for every possible platform of the game. Feel free to join any of them NOW.

Digital Extremes Raising Leukemia Awareness Month In Warframe (Post Your Screenshots!) (By: @rapid)

Help our Giant Bomb Warframe clan raise money for Leukemia Awareness Month! Get the details NOW!

Clips Of The Week

Giant Bomb East x The A-Team (Intro Mashup) - The Giant Beastcast(By: bobbbackwards)

What happens when you mix the lovable goofiness of Giant Bomb East with the A-Team? Why you get this AMAZING television intro video!

Murderin': Best of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds pt. III (By: @mepsipax)

Mepsipax has another HILARIOUS compilation video of Giant Bomb's follies in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Try to thank him for creating another funny video.

Giant Bomb Street Fighter V Season 2 Weekly Tournament (By: @saft)

The archive of the last Giant Bomb Street Fighter V community tournament has been posted! Remember you can join the fun by clicking the hyperlink above!

Best Of Blogs

Is Early Access an
Is Early Access an "anti-consumer" practice? GrizzlyButts thinks so.

Gamers Have Allowed Anti-consumer Practices To Reach A Nauseating Peak In 2017. (Alpha Version 0.14c, See Patch Notes) (By: @grizzlybutts)

GrizzlyButts comments on how gamers have allowed the industry practice of patching games to irreparably harm consumer rights.

Check This Out #1: Gotta Protectors (By: @darkbeatdk)

DarkbeatDK articulates why more people should consider picking up and supporting Gotta Protectors on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Queer as Folk: Quick Thoughts on Before the Storm (By: @egge)

Egge briefly touches upon the ins and outs of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and welcomes you to join his discussion of the game.

I want to go ahead and remind you the OST for the Dual Shock version of the RE: Director's Cut is the
I want to go ahead and remind you the OST for the Dual Shock version of the RE: Director's Cut is the "best" goddamned thing ever created. Trust me.

2017 Early Thanks: Giant Bomb, Games, et al (By: @infinitespark)

InfiniteSpark thanks the Giant Bomb staff, video games, and our many community members for all the wonderful memories thus far.

An Hour With... Resident Evil: Director's Cut (By: @danielkempster)

danielkempster played an hour of Resident Evil: Director's Cut and you can read why he left the game on a positive note, and curious to play more.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Gives Me What I Want (And Have Not Been Getting) From The Switch (By: @bigsocrates)

BigSocrates blogs about why Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle provides the Switch experience he has been looking for on the console.

All-New Saturday Summaries 2017-09-09: Gateway Edition (By: @mento)

After a busy week, Mento has seven new entries for his PS2-centric The Top Shelf series, some thoughts on Ubisoft's Valiant Hearts: The Great War, and offers newcomer advice for Ys, Yakuza and Tales.

Join The Discussion

Have you seen any cool stuff in Destiny 2 thus far? Talk about it NOW!
Have you seen any cool stuff in Destiny 2 thus far? Talk about it NOW!

Destiny 2 Impressions Thread (By: @ksck26)

Without a doubt, the big release of the week was Destiny 2. Whether it be the story, combat, online features, or technical issues; feel free to share your early impressions of the game with the Giant Bomb community.

Destiny 2 Endgame / Story Discussion (Spoilers) (By: @nodima)

Interested in discussing story related spoilers when it comes to Destiny 2? Well, do I have the thread for you! The thread above is the place for you to discuss everything pertaining to Destiny 2's story with reckless abandon.

Do You Buy Physical Games? (By: @gtb08)

Do you still buy physical copies of games? Are there certain games you refuse to buy digitally? Vote and discuss where you stand in this increasingly digital industry.

Is there still a future for game discs in your home?
Is there still a future for game discs in your home?

L.A. Noire Is Getting A Remaster On PS4/Xbox One, And A Release On The Switch (By: @ntm)

What's YOUR reaction to the recently announced L.A. Noire re-release/remaster? Does the game deserve a second go despite Team Bondi's shady past?

Do You Like Force Feedback? (By: @ezekiel)

Do you like force feedback in games? Is it a helpful tool when trying to uncover secrets, or an annoying distraction from a by-gone era?

Yakuza Kiwami Impressions (By: @odinsmana)

How has the Western release of Yakuza Kiwami been treating you? Feel free to share your experiences with the game thus far with the Giant Bomb community.

Do You Have A Pro Controller And How Do You Feel About It? (By: @bigsocrates)

6 months into the Switch's lifespan, where do you stand regarding the Pro Controller? Is it a necessity, or can you envision playing the Switch with nothing but the Joy Cons?

Lovable Lists

Is BioShock the
Is BioShock the "greatest" spiritual successor in video game history?

My Favorite Open Source Games (By: @fisk0)

There's nothing wrong with "free!" Moderator fisk0 annotates his favorite open source games on his latest user-created list.

Favorite Spiritual Successors (By: @psykhophear)

psykhophear made an interesting list annotating his favorite video game "spiritual successors." Check it out and think about which games would make your list.

Useful User Reviews

Wonderful Wikis

No joke, Marino and I ended up employing LtSquigs to
No joke, Marino and I ended up employing LtSquigs to "fact check" this wiki page.

Ventus (Spoiler warning I think; I don't know... Kingdom Hearts is dumb)

We now have a 400+ point wiki for the Kingdom Hearts character "Ventus." I... I want to thank Ben for precipitating this dark future.