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    Bass Armstrong

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    Bass Armstrong he has appeared in all the main entries to the series. Bass is the father of Tina Armstrong.

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    Bass Armstrong is an undefeated Pro Wrestler who is the father of DOA Tournament Participant Tina Armstrong. When Tina was only 6-years old Bass' wife died leaving him to raise his child by himself. He is a very protective father and is very much interested in directing Tina's career choices. In the first DOA tournament Bass encouraged his daughter to participate as a way to rekindle her fighting spirit after she thought of hanging up her wrestling boots.

    Instead Tina's motive was to enter the tournament to pursue more extravagant career choices and become noticed by Hollywood. Bass' motives for the 2nd through 4th tournaments are much the same as Tina strives to become a catwalk model a movie star and finally in the 4th tournament a rock star. Many of Bass' aesthetic features and costumes were inspired by actual professional wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan. In the June 28th 2012 Dead or Alive 5 trailer Bass was confirmed as a character and shown alongside newcomer Rig.


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