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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review


So Bad Company 2

 If you have played any First Person Shooter then you know some of what to expect from this game. Yes you shoot people kill them and move on in both muli-player and single-player but the most important thing is in how Battlefield Bad Company 2 does this. Like the first Battlefield Bad Company and Battlefield 1943 Battlefield Bad Company 2 runs on the Frostbite engine 2.0 I might add. This allows amazing destruction with great  performance coupled with great graphics. The destruction is not on the massive scale that Red Faction Guerilla is but is still huge. You can take destroy every building and most objects in the game. Some things can not be destroyed but that is most likely do to memory restraints. The gun-play is a little bit different then most FPS games as their is much more character bob and recoil as well as lower damage per bullet then most games. The story is a lot better then I thought is was going to be but still is a little cheesy but in a good way. The "Bad Company" is on a mission to prevent a secret WMD from world war 2 from being used. To do this they must fight an army of goons and destroy the weapon before it can be used. Along the way you fight through some of the snow, jungle, and urban industrial environments of the world. The climax is a little bit of a let down but is still awesome and fun, but the main reason you will be buying this game is for the muliplayer.
    Most people will compare this to MW2 as it the main competitor for MW2 I however love both and think that Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a different type of shooter. It is much bigger scale and has more possible strategy and team play. This is mainly due to the distinct customizable classes medic, engineer, assault and recon. Each class has a unique and important role in the multiplayer experience. You gain level experience, class experience as well as vehicle experience to unlock additional abilities, equipment, and weapons. The leveling system is a little slower then MW2 but eases you into the mechanics of each class while giving you some fun weapons along the entire way to the max level.
    If you enjoy FPS games you should definitely play this game if not buy it. The PC game does not look amazingly different then the Xbox 360 or PS3 version unless you have a nice computer with DX10 or DX11. One thing that I don't care about to much but is important is the sound. The sound is amazing sometimes if you close your eyes it sounds like your right in the middle of the action.
    All in all great game play it as soon as you can!

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