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great online

So I'll start this off by saying I've had low BF experience but that said I love online shooters. Dice really created a great engine, the destruction adds so much. It adds such a great element of crazy shit happening often. For example your running down a road when up ahead you spot a tank turning the corner. You think to yourself shit I hope he didn't see me as you dart into a nearby structure. If he saw me he can blast me away but if he didn't i got options. Depending what class you chose as your loadout you can have multiple ways to deal with this situation. 

  • Armed with a standard assault rifle which has a mandatory grenade launcher attachment which fires 3 types of grenades 
  • His abilities include firing the grenade launcher or dropping an ammo packs so his teamates can reup
  • Armed With light machine guns and a defibrillator
  • His abilities include  reviving allies  and dropping med kits to heal teammates
Now both of these classes are not ideal for the situation mentioned above. The only thing the medic and assault can really do is plant a tracer dart which is used by replacing your pistol with it which any class can do. The tracer creates a missle lock for any weapon capable. The assault can shoot grenades at it but it does low damage so its basically yelling at the tank to kill you. Your only hope is to spawn a squadmate with anti-vehical equipment.  
  • Armed with a rocket launcher and a drill for repairing
  • his abilites are shooting those rockets or dropping anti tank mines and repairing vehicles with the drill
  • Armed with C4 or Mortar strikes and sensor balls 
  • C4 and mortar strikes self explanatory the sensor balls  create a circular area which you can see enemies on rader
As you can tell recon or engineer are the classes best suited for vehicles  
Which brings me to something thats a bit frustrating online. your divided into four man squads even though its 12 v 12 .  
Unlike MW2 where you can excel as an individual battlefield encourages teamwork with higher points are given for reviving resupplying repairing and spotting. It also encourages with large points giving them to players who defend objectives or take them. With that said I'm only allowed to speak to the people on my 4 squad so that means i'm unable to communicate to the other 8 on my team which can be crucial in these tactical battles. 
The two main modes are Rush and Conquest and a team deathmatch variant is also included. 
Rush requires lots of teamwork as does team deathmatch.  Conquest is a territory control which is probably the most accessible. I felt some other variants could be added to change things up when their competitor has a larger variety 
Vehicles are extremely fun  
  • ATVs are super fun and allow you to zoom pass your enemy and get behind them  
  • Tanks control well and certain models can hold 4 players all able to gun creating a moving fortress 
  • Helicopters can be a bit powerful if skilled players are driving and gunning but its super satisfying raining hell from above  
  • Two aquatic vehicles include a jet ski which seats two definitely the atv of water levels  the other is an attack boat equipped with two grenade launchers and a passenger seat to seat 4 in total   
  • Hummer and a couple of other dune buggy types also help getting you from point a to b normally equiped with machine gun turrets  
I was really upset when the started releasing what they called the VIP maps and they were the same maps with different game modes on them. You will start to grow tired of them pretty quickly. The vietnam expansion is coming later this year hopefully it adds new game modes and a larger variety of maps. The existing maps range from small to slightly large depending on game mode and are fully destructible 
Single player sucked  
After playing games like Halo or Half life 2  this is absolute garbage  
  • generic story 
  • stereotypical characters    
  • awkward moments of just running to watch another cutscene   
Online is absolutely lovely get a couple friends in your squad and youll have a blast no doubt  
singleplayer is pretty bad I dont even wanna go through it again to get trophies which arent even hard to get   
Sorry I know this review all over the place its my first  
I know I got a bit descriptive on the whole class system part  
any criticism would be great  
 I'm probably gonna write a little strategy guide for online play when i get the chance 

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