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Bioshort 2

Right. This game focuses on Rapture, some years on from the first game. You are a big daddy looking to find your little sister because otherwise you have a massive brain-freeze and die.  
Same basic linear environs of the previous game, go here do that, pull that knob, twist that etc. but the control system is so much better this time around. No longer do you have to switch out plasmids to use weapons. It's all about dual wielding. Freeze some splicer in mid air with your winter blast and shotgun them into ice cubes all in the same breath. However, it's the ease of gameplay that makes this 18 game a bit too easy. In my opinion, a game that takes 10 hours (or realistically 5/6) to complete is somewhat cheap. And big daddies? Weren't they an inconvenient nerve sensation in the rear last game? Hah! No more is that the case since now you can kill them in one second. Not an exaggeration. But I wont spoil it by saying how.  
Big daddies may have let their muscles turn to flab but enter their upgrade- big sisters. These human (possibly) jumping beans don't like you using the little sisters for your own devices and so periodically come for you and take quite a bit of punishment for something so petit and slender ... mmm...
Leaving aside the blink and miss single player, fun though it is, we turn our focus to MULTIplayer.  
Featuring a range of game modes (referencing MW2) such as Team Adam Grab (HQ), Last splicer standing, and Civil war (or maybe that's red dead) there are enough modes for you to find your preference. Definitely easy to jump into and have fun it's a good addition that perhaps should have had more attention placed onto it, Beta Anyone? While fun, the games are often far too one sided for a wholesome gameplay experience. The Capture the Sister games usually degrade into one team finding a small room only accessible by vents and fighting off the hordes in a 300 Thermopylae-type way. There doesn't really seem to be much in the way of balancing the teams. Look forward to finding your lvl3 noob self pitted against level 38s frequently. 
While very enjoyable in single player, the replay value is limited and coupled with the shortness of it, means it's a dissapointment. 
Multiplayer has some DLC set for release in the future, however the balancing matchmaking system needs work first.  

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