BioShock 2

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    Ten years after the events of the first game, Subject Delta is awoken and must unravel the mystery behind the Big Sisters and his own past in the ruined underwater city of Rapture.

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    Bioshock 2:Bio Harder 0

      Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom under the sea. All kinds of exotic jellyfish and coral reefs occupied this kingdom to greet the citizens, all of which had magical powers. The king of this land was a wise and charismatic leader with ambitions of utopia and addressing the pedophilia issue by protecting all daughters with hulking submarine monsters. These monsters, despite being fatherly figures in name, were unorthodox in their tendency to solve conflict by means of mining equipment...

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    Return to Rapture 4

    Bioshock 2 has long been bemoaned as the sequel that was never needed. The original Bioshock captivated gamers with its thrilling narrative and cast of fantastically eccentric characters; dealing with philosophical ideals, moral choices, a society driven to insanity and the complexities of free will in an underwater utopia gone wrong. Rapture was the star of the show; an atmospheric city built deep below the waves. Its 1930s art deco architecture housed by the criminally insane minds of the smar...

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    A Superior Sequel 2

     (Spoiler-free Review) I enjoyed BioShock 2 more than BioShock. Yes, my enjoyment of the sequel was dependent on a familiarity with Rapture built by the original game. A familiarity that allowed an appreciation of the interesting ideological twists that occurred in Rapture 10-years after the events of the original game. Yet even more importantly, it's a familiarity that allows the overall plot of the sequel to have a more intimate and powerful impact.  Many BioShock and BioShock 2 reviewers co...

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    2K Marin Chose The Impossible...And Succeeded 0

      A note to begin the review: If you have not yet played the first Bioshock, do yourself an huge favor by completing that before playing this game. It's a great game that's really worth every bit of praise it receives. Short review summary: A more simple and poignant comparison of the atmospheres of both games: in the first game, you timidly held a wrench. In this game, you have a GODDAMN DRILL FOR A HAND. When 2K Games announced its plans to start a franchise based off the success of the fi...

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    Very Worthy Successor 0

     The somewhat shocking sequel to one of the truly great titles out there launched earlier this year and we will see how well it lives up to its namesake.The first issue was that the original didn't leave an opening for a sequel. At all. It had a very definite conclusion. So, 2K Marin had an ugly problem in even trying to start this game in the first place. And they shoehorn it as well as they can, but it is still clunky. It is illogical for a character who was, apparently, every inch as i...

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    While it's lacking in Originality, Bioshock 2 excels 2

    I'm ashamed to say that I waited almost two years to play Bioshock. Part of that is because I didn't get a Xbox 360 until late 2007, and the other part is because I spent every day sitting on the couch playing Call of Duty 4. But when I finally played the game last year over April vacation, I was very impressed. It was so easy to get lost in the world, which was weird because you knew nothing about it. Bioshock 2 has a lot of expectations to live up to, and while returning to Rapture a second ti...

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    Everything you loved about Bioshock 1&2 1

    Single-player DLC can be a tricky thing. In Bioshock 2's case, the story had a clear beginning and ending. Rather than just splicing (ha!) a new level in the middle of the campaign or making stand-alone challenge levels (like the recent Protector Trials), 2K has this time opted for a self-contained bit of narrative set in areas of Rapture that we haven't seen yet in the previous games. For 800 Microsoft points ($10), you get a good chunk of content that will easily last you 5-6 hours and deliver...

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    Almost Brilliant 0

    It can be hard to live up to expectations. Heck, just imagine being little Suri Cruise, you’re expected to be both good looking and certifiably insane. Rough. Video game sequels, however, are quite often superior to their predecessors. Developers are able to improve upon what came before, with better controls, more intricate level designs, or higher production values; they also get the opportunity to flatten major faults like a Yankee fan at a Red Sox convention. The problem facing Bioshock 2 is...

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    Daddy's home 0

    Being able to explore and discover a place as unique and interesting as Rapture was one of the main things that made BioShock such a fantastic, memorable game. As such, it was all too easy to be skeptical of a direct sequel. Simply put, there's no way to experience Rapture again for the first time, which could cause the whole thing to lose a lot of steam. After playing BioShock 2 for myself, however, I stand corrected. BioShock 2 is indeed a fantastic sequel in practically every way, making the ...

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    This is... familiar. 0

    Early on in the game, you’re going to find a video recorder. Your friend, Sinclair, explains just what you do with it and how it works, eventually explaining how, “Usin’ that camera’s a bit like tellin’ a joke. Each time ya tell it the same way, it gets a little more stale – so you gotta change it up to keep it fresh.”  It’s almost painful just how accurately Sinclair sums up BioShock 2. It’s largely the same game, some parts of it better, some parts of it worse and the rest of it so completely ...

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    Big Daddy needs a nap. 0

    There have been many games released that have been met with exaggerated eye-rolls and a collective "ugh" in the past, and it seems that 2K's sequel to 2007's Bioshock has come under that same scrutiny. While it doesn’t exactly feel new, or at times even exciting, Bioshock 2 does manage to maintain enough interest in the world and happenings of Rapture to keep you engaged until the end.  The story follows a prototype Big Daddy, named Delta, on his journey to find his now grown-up Little Sister an...

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    The Water Falls, Bioshock 2 Does Not 0

     Going into Bioshock 2, I really didn't know how I felt about it. On one hand, I was stoked for some more Bioshock, on the other, I didn't really think the original needed a sequel. Having played through the entire Bioshock 2 campaign, I still stick by those two sentiments. Bioshock 2 is very good, improving on many things from Bioshock 1 but I would have been able to live without it. The main compelling things in the first Bioshock was by far the story and characters. Watching your own characte...

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    A happy return to Rapture 0

     Bioshock 2 follows on 10 years after the conclusion of the original game. Through a series of plot contrivances the world of Rapture has managed to survive and blossom into one ruled by a new zealot: Sofia Lamb. You find yourself thrust into the world as a prototype Big Daddy, revived some years after your original death. Bioshock 2's principle villain is Sofia Lamb who is basically an Anti-Ryan. She's a psychological communist (or 'collectivist') which is interesting opposite to Ryan's objecti...

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    I've Done This Before 1

    I went back into Rapture with mixed feelings, and left the same way. I didn't go in with the expectation that the sequel would triumph over its predecessor, but I have to say I'm mildly disappointed with the game. Being a big fan of the original, BioShock 2 came across as sort of a "build-off" rather than a completely new game. Sure, the first game is a really hard title to top, but I just felt like something was missing, not sure what though. I had fun playing it, and I guess that's all that ma...

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    No I'm not crazy, I liked it more than the first 0

    It’s not too often a game is able to completely surprise you. When Bioshock 2 was first announced, my initial reaction was a mix of resistance and skepticism. As a fan of the first Bioshock, I was wary of how a sequel could undercut the richness of the original. These things must be done delicately. The first Bioshock was not perfect. The plot-twists made the last third of the narrative lose steam, the shooting mechanics felt somewhat hackneyed, and the hacking mini-game brought the pace to a de...

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    Thoroughly enjoyable, but the magic of the original is gone. 0

    There was once a game which set itself in an Art-Deco city, located deep beneath the ocean. The game was spooky, immersive and deeply entertaining; partly because the characters and plotline were so interesting, but also because the setting was incredibly unique. However, the founder of that city eventually realised that his creation was a disappointment that he had built upon a set of broken ideals. And in his finest hour, he reminded us all that “A man chooses. A slave obeys.” If a...

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    Welcome back 0

    Welcome back to Rapture. Bioshock 2 may not reinvent the wheel; it certainly doesn’t pack quite the same punch as its predecessor in terms of storytelling or a sense of wonder, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad in any way. The Developers made improvements where it matters the most: gameplay. As much as you may like the first Bioshock I doubt it was the gameplay that were the primary attraction. Sure the controls was functional, but the main draw has always been the setting and story. Well in Biosho...

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    Deflated Expectations 0

      Back in 2007, A video game released by the company 2k Games and developed by Irrational Studios literally wiped the floor of my own expectations on the First Person Genre. A game that combined philosophical teachings, chilling design and scripted storyline moments with well executed controls through tired yet true combinations made a tour de force of a game that I doubt will ever be experienced in the genre for years to come. That game was “Bioshock.” It is funny to think that three ye...

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    A riveting experience and a worthy succssor. 1

    Bioshock 2 follows one of the most memorable gaming experiences that I've played on the Xbox 360.  The original Bioshock was set apart from other games because of it's immersive and terrifying world, stellar controls and gameplay mechanics, and really well told story.  The second iteration in the Bioshock franchise doesn't quite have the same impact in terms of presenting a surprising and strange world, or in terms delivering it's story, but this game is still extremely fun because it builds on ...

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    Enchantment Under the Sea 0

    When I first started playing Bioshock 2 I felt it wasn’t going to be good. I can’t really place why to be honest. The original Bioshock had a great way of delivering story and atmosphere, but I didn’t care much for the combat which was a large portion of Bioshock. Perhaps that was it, maybe I dreaded the combat. In any case, I came away pleasantly surprised by the end product. Bioshock 2 builds upon what the original did, making a game that plays better than the original.You play as a Big Daddy,...

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    Minerva's Den is one of the best games I have ever played, and you should play it too 2

    I think most of us remember that super long debate regarding best DLC in 2010. I didn't pay much attention to anything but the discussion in itself, as Bioshock 2 was already a lost game to me. I found it to be disappointing and to not be as perfectly crafted and cared for as the original game, and there was just something that was not quite there.Fast forward three years, and Infinite is almost out. I take up Green Man Gaming on the offer of buying all three games in the series for the price of...

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    Welcome back to Rapture 0

    Rapture. An underwater Utopia where the biggest and brightest minds have gathered to live without restriction. To let their ideas flow endlessly and with peace to follow. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people, and the most advanced minds there are. What else do you need? But such a dream cannot hold up. Every civilization is bound to come down at one point or another, and, like theRapture. Perfect spot for a first date. You'll probably get some. fall of Rome, Rapture came crashing down. Bioshock 2...

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    Welcome back 0

    Welcome back to Rapture. Bioshock 2 may not reinvent the wheel; it certainly doesn’t pack quite the same punch as its predecessor in terms of storytelling or a sense of wonder, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad in any way. The Developers made improvements where it matters the most: gameplay. As much as you may like the first Bioshock I doubt it was the gameplay that were the primary attraction. Sure the controls was functional, but the main draw has always been the setting and story. Well in Biosho...

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    Bioshock 2 proves that there's more to Rapture than we knew 0

    It must have been difficult for development on Bioshock 2 by 2K Marin. They would have to walk a delicate line with this game in order to appease everyone who believed that there was no need for a sequel to arguably the best game of 2007. They somehow managed to accomplish this for the most part, and can now take a deep breath. Instead of revisiting old areas of Rapture, we're able to visit new locations, interact with more new characters and one of the most important shifts that this game bring...

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    Bite-Sized Rapture 1

    The art also sticks close to BioShock's art-deca style.  Single-player downloadable content seems like exactly the kind of thing that those who bemoaned BioShock 2's existence were afraid of. The original BioShock's story was self-contained, they might argue, and thus, trying to expand the fiction of the game with stories that would reference the central material when the original game didn't allude to those particular concepts seems like an attempt to leech the franchise for money, and undermin...

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    Rapture Awaits You 0

    Bioshock 2 has a lot to live up to; the original Bioshock was a game that combine, First Person Shooter (FPS) and Role Playing Game (RPG) into one, with ease; and had one of the most well-crafted story’s ever seen in a video game. The game itself is great, it has lots of action, and good story, but all the atmosphere and tension from the first game doesn’t carry over well, and there are many technical issues the make the experience not as enjoyable as the original.  Bioshock takes place in an...

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    The Return to Rature 0

    Review Taken from:    BIOSHOCK 2 REVIEW XBOX 360, PS# & PC If you thought seriously that Bioshock 2 would follow up its predecessor and surpass it on all fronts, then I’d say we had very different impressions about the original. You can’t top that type of game. The first time you see Rapture through a Bathysphere window is something that can’t be replicated. Exploring it with fresh eyes is a unique and untouchable experience...

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    While Familiar, Bioshock 2 Marks Another Triumph For 2K 0

    On August 21st, 2007, I took my first tentative steps into Rapture. The initial decent into the submerged metropolis has been seared into my mind ever since. After all, who could forget the feeling of wonderment as the tram descended through the sea, or the terror and curiosity of that first splicer encounter? In retrospect, it was mostly curiosity that drove me to attack Bioshock's campaign with such fervor. Despite the fear that plagued each of my steps, I felt compelled to discover what could...

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    Bioshock 2 Review 0

    General Description: Set during the fall of Rapture, players assume the role of a Plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions, a premier provider of Plasmids and Tonics in the underwater city of Rapture that was first explored in the original BioShock. Players will need to use all the elements of the BioShock tool set to survive as the full depth of the BioShock experience is refined and transformed into a unique multiplayer experience that can only be found in Rapture. Gameplay: 4/5Although not...

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    Communal Recreation 0

      Let me preface with the following: this is a quick digestible review because as a college student I do not have the time to write full blown reviews, either way, enjoy. Bioshock 2 is the sequel to Bioshock, and to be honest it's only flaw is that it's a sequel, although with that said I feel without the context of the Bioshock universe this game would fail miserably. So, what are the good things: ·          Great game mechanics, much better than the first one ·          Simplistic plasmid a...

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    Leave the first game behind. 0

    The biggest problem with this game is it is hard to not compare to it's predecessor.  If you can block out the first and totally judge this game on it's own merit then this game is really good but it is not as good as the first.  The story is good but the characters aren't as compelling and that is my biggest complaint when comparing to the first.  Everything you remember about the first is there, similar levels, plasmids, weapons, and enemies.  With the most notable addition being the big siste...

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    Another story of Rapture 0

    I played the demo for the original Bioshock before i knew anything about the series, the creator's past endeavors (System Shock 2, etc.), or about how evidently "critically acclaimed" the game was.   After the first playthough of the demo, I knew it was nothing like I'd ever played before, and initially didnt think i liked it all that much. After a second playthrough of the demo, purchase of the full game, and subsequent playthroughs afterwards, I fell in with the ranks of other huge Bioshock fa...

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    BioShock 2 Review 0

    I literally played BioShock and BioShock back to back so my experience in Rapture was both fresh in my mind and confusing. In BioShock 2 you are one of the first Big Daddys named Delta. You have awoken from your slumber on a mission to find the little sister that you were paired with. You'll have to go all through Rapture to find her, but you'll have to try to stop the minions of Sophia Lamb, a person who was apparently still running things in Rapture after Atlas and Andrew Ryan met their bitter...

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    Almost as good as its predecessor 0

    Bioshock 2 is a somewhat controversial game. Few people seem to think that it’s as good as the original. Some despise it. Most seem to have either forgotten it or think it’s merely “pretty good” as opposed to Bioshock 1’s greatness. I, for one, had a lot of fun with it. After playing the two games back to back, I can confirm that Bioshock 2 is a worthy sequel to Bioshock 1. It improves upon the original in some ways, but loses out on enough others to ensure that it...

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    A welcome trip back to Rapture. 0

     When I first heard 2K was developing a sequel to Bioshock, it sounded like a sad, unnecessary money grab. Even worse, the original development lead, Ken Levine, wasn’t involved with the project. All signs pointed to a desperate cash-in, so I was pretty baffled by how favorable initial reviews were.  After finally playing through Bioshock 2, I really wish I wasn’t so pessimistic. 2K Marin did a fantastic job building a new adventure in Rapture. While it’s no match for the original, Bioshock 2 is...

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    Enraptured by... No I won't say it... 0

          Underwater sections are pretty uninspiring however When I first heard of a sequel to my favourite game of all time, the first BioShock, I was really disappointed. Sequels hadn't sat well with me at the time; Gears of War 2, Halo 3: ODST, Far Cry 2, to name a few which I'd been disappointed by. To me, a BioShock sequel was like trying to turn the garden of eden into an amusement park for some more cheap thrills. And then I heard there was going to be multiplayer and I was just certain B...

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    A Better Game 0

      I suppose every review of Bioshock 2 needs to start with a qualifying statement by the author expressing how they felt about the first Bioshock, to give their audience some perspective on the opinions to follow. So here's mine: I thought Bioshock 1 was a good game. It didn't blow my mind, change my world view, or revolutionize how I saw video games. That honour belongs to this game's true granddaddy: System Shock 2. Bioshock was a good game. Bioshock 2 is a better game. For some of you, that's...

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    Amazing! 0

    First of all I would like to say RIP Bioshock 1. Im not sure if I have any reason to open that case ever again because of the newest installment in the series Bioshock2 has blown me away. The first thing that suprised me about this game is the multiplayer. At first you may think "how would Bioshock have multiplayer" well I think that Bioware hit the nail on the head with this one. I belive that Call of Duty may even have a new competitor.   Now for the campaign. I think that this campaign may be...

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    Memories Relived 0

    While the atmosphere is both thrilling and scary, I loved to play Bioshock 2 over Bioshock. This game had more variety in terms of plamids and tonics, some new weapons, and a lot of places to explore. The only thing i kind of dislike is the repetitiveness in where you finish one goal on a level, then another goal takes its place right after when you think you're done with that level. Also towards the end of the game, is where your character gets to unleash its full fury with new powers in which ...

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    Is It Worth Returning To Rapture 0

    The first Bioshock, released in 2007, was a refreshing surprise. Made by those who developed the System Shock games, it offered players a similar experience; an atmospheric first-person shooter. The world the players found themselves in, Rapture (a supposed underwater utopia created by Andrew Ryan), was fully fleshed out and very fun to explore. The political and philosophical intrigue was interesting to a point. Players that have a fairly good understanding of the subjects being discu...

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    Not as good as the original 0

    In some ways Bioshock 2 is a better game than the original, the weapons and plasmids are way more powerful.   But the experience is lesser in almost every way except for the minor points.    You play a prototype Big Daddy who was bound to the daughter of Sophia Lamb.   While Ryan was an objectivist modeled after Ayn Rand's ideals,  Lamb is a collectivist in the spirit of Marx.  She believes that the path to human success revolves around complete abandonment of the self and has restarted the litt...

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    Rapture Has Run Dry 0

         Describing the quality of BioShock 2 and its relation to the original without seeming contradictory is not a simple task. In many ways the general feel of the weaponry and damp atmosphere of Rapture for better or worse places the player directly into September of 2007, and on first logical thought you might expect this to be a positive of BioShock 2. Unfortunately this philosophy in game design carries over not only to the setting and controls, but to the very plot and motivations of the ch...

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    what a BAZILLION people have been waiting for 0

    well its here and by the time i wright this review i expect that ohhh 5 million and counting people have experianced this game thereselves and will not really need to read anymore reviews about it but i am board and I dont want to play bio shock 2, dantes inferno, mass effect 2...i am sitting here playing advanced wars 2 on a PSP thats supposed to be played on a GBA...but if you are lucky enough to read this...=^.^= i love you :P  anyways bio shock 1 was a scary game at times i mean first of all...

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    Not all it's cracked up to be 0

     I am going to review this game in two parts so bear with me.  1) Technical  I had enormous issues installing this game. One minute it would work and then it could no longer find binkw32.dll or it would no longer recognize my Windows Live Gaming account. I can't think of another game I have had to fight with more just to get it running.  2) Gameplay  Ok...on a lot of levels this is a solid game...the story is ok (not nearly as engaging as Bioshock 1)...the guns/fighting are solid...but there is ...

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