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Launched in public beta by The Game Band on July 20, 2020, Blaseball is a weekly baseball simulation which progressively diverges from the rules of traditional baseball with every passing season, with semi-guided input from the community. New seasons begin every, Monday and last 100 in-game days. New in-game days start every hour, except when one or more game from the previous day is still going. Every team plays every day for a total of ten games per day, with two teams from each division going on to play an additional post-season championship playoff on the weekend, in the hopes of winning three championships, and thus earning "ascension".

Players engage with Blaseball in a variety of ways, starting with picking their favorite team and betting coins on games. As the player earns coins, they can exchange them for various concessions from the store, allowing them to earn more coins, access special features, vote in game-changing elections, and eat peanuts. Alongside the mechanics provided by the game itself, players have also developed a noteworthy fan-made narrative, developing backstories and designs for each character, as well as the teams and larger world of Blaseball. The Game Band actively encourages this practice, and at times has taken some inspiration from fans' ideas.


The League tab during a standard game.
The League tab during a standard game.

Blaseball games are structured similarly to games in regular baseball, typically consisting of two teams competing in nine innings, with points being scored when a player runs four bases. A team's performance is determined through a combination of their players' ratings, the enemy team's rating, and any special events on the field. On the pregame betting screen, this will be condensed into a percentage probability denoting a team's likelihood of winning, with lower odds leading to greater coin payout.

When a day is active, games are viewed from the "League" tab. There, a quick rundown of every game for the current day will be shown, with the player's favorite team always appearing on top, followed by the games with the highest difference in odds. Active games show current scores, field standings, and a ticker with play-by-play commentary, whereas finished games show their final scores, as well as highlighting the winning team.

A blaseball player's rating is determined by a number of attributes, such as Base Thirst, Anti-capitalism, Buoyancy, Shakespearianism, and Cinnamon. These attributes combine to form four overall categories of rating: Baserunning, Defense, Hitting, and Pitching. While all blaseball players have ratings for every attributes, only the attributes relevant to their position are counted for their star rating. Decrees won in elections can directly impact a blaseball player's rating, as well as grant them items and armor which can impact their rating.

Aside from blaseball player ratings, a number of events can occur on the field which can impact a game. The primary types of event which can happen on the field are weather, shame, and spillover. Weather, set before a game begins, determines which types of random events may occur during the game. For example, a Solar Eclipse allows umpires to randomly kill players via incineration, Lots of Birds causes the field to be swarmed with birds, and Bloodrain allows players to siphon rating from the enemy team's players. Shame and spillover are not predetermined, and come as a result of how each team performs during a game. Shame occurs when a tied score is broken during the final inning, preventing the losing team from scoring any more points and occasionally putting them at a point deficit in their next game. Spillover occurs when a game goes into overtime and is not resolved within the next real-time hour. In the event of spillover, the next hour's games are postponed by another hour, or as long as necessary for every game to finish.

A team will continue to play games in a season even when they are mathematically barred from participating in the post-season playoffs. This is known as "Party Time". Teams in Party Time have a number of benefits, helping to even out particularly under-performing teams.


The Elections screen, as of Season 12
The Elections screen, as of Season 12

Elections are held every season, with results being compiled and announced shortly before the start of a new season. In an election, players can spend votes (purchased with coins) on blessings, wills, and decrees, allowing the players to directly impact the rules of blaseball, as well as their team's rating and abilities.

Decrees have a sweeping impact on the game (such as opening the forbidden blaseball rule book, introducing a fourth strike, or preventing certain teams from winning blessings). As such, they are chosen by popular vote from every team, with the most popular decree(s) winning.

Wills are given in twos to individual teams, with the two wills a team wins being determined by a raffle of the votes cast by players supporting that team. Wills are largely beneficial, and a single will can be earned by multiple teams in a season, but a team can not win the same will twice.

Blessings are similar to wills, although there is no limit on how many a team can receive, and only one team can win an individual blessing. Blessings are raffled off to a random team, influenced by how many votes a team cast for a given blessing. Most blessings directly improve a team's rating by direct boosts, swapping players, or granting players beneficial items, however some protect a team/division from negative effects, or have questionable benefit.


The Internet Blaseball League is populated by twenty teams at any given point. The ultimate goal of each team is to earn ascension by winning three championships, however individual teams may choose their own goals beyond this. When a team ascends, a new team is created to take their place.

Teams are split into two leagues, and further split into two divisions within each league. At the beginning of the Internet League, these leagues were Good and Evil, with Lawful and Chaotic subdivisions, however after Season 5 these leagues became Wild and Mild, with High and Low subdivisions.

Below is a list of all 20 teams as of the beginning of Season 12, categorized by league and subdivision:

Wild HighWild LowMild HighMild Low
Hades TigersHellmouth SunbeamsSeattle GaragesCanada Moist Talkers
Chicago FirefightersUnlimited TacosDallas SteaksCharleston Shoe Thieves
Breckenridge Jazz HandsHouston SpiesSan Francisco LoversHawai'i Fridays
Mexico City Wild WingsMiami DaleNew York MillennialsKansas City Breath Mints
Tokyo LiftBoston FlowersPhilly PiesYellowstone Magic

Currently, only one former-Internet League team has managed to ascend out of the league, that being the Baltimore Crabs.

While these teams are the only currently-active Internet League teams, other teams have appeared from time to time. For example, the Hall Stars and The Shelled One's Pods, both of which existed solely for the Day X fight against The Shelled One in Seasons 9 and 10.

Noteworthy Figures

The Commissioner

The Commissioner refers to a role filled by several figures over time, and is the official authority on the Internet Blaseball League. Starting with Parker MacMillan III in Season 1, the Commissioner has consistently provided updates on the state of the Internet League via their twitter account, which is now run by Parker MacMillan IIIII. It is fan tradition to acknowledge that the commissioner is doing a great job, regardless of what the commissioner is doing at any given moment.

The Shelled One

The Shelled One
The Shelled One

The Shelled One was a deity-like peanut which first appeared in Season 3. Fond of peanuts and angered by acts of blasphemy, The Shelled One would appear after certain events to communicate directly with the players, usually stating its disappointment with them.

Following a series of offenses, The Shelled One began trapping certain blaseball players in giant peanut shells, preventing them from playing. Players with "Peanut" in their name were immune to getting shelled, due to The Shelled One's approval.

In Seasons 9 and 10, The Shelled One directly fought the championship winners of each season (the Shoe Thieves and the Crabs respectively), using its own team, The Shelled One's Pods, formed entirely from shelled players. Neither team was able to defeat The Shelled One, however the Crabs's ascension allowed The Monitor's team, The Hall Stars, to defeat The Shelled One, at which point it was promptly consumed by The Monitor.

The Monitor

The Monitor is a deity-like squid which first appeared in Season 7, due to the resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers. The monitor of the Hall of Flame, The Monitor keeps an eye on deceased players. Unlike The Shelled One, The Monitor is generally friendly with the players, wanting only to eat The Shelled One.

Jaylen Hotdogfingers

Jaylen Hotdogfingers was a pitcher for the Garages during Season 1. At the end of Season 1, Hotdogfingers was incinerated as a result of The Forbidden Book being opened. Following a player-led plot in Season 6, she was resurrected by the Garages, and returned as their pitcher. In the following seasons, players hit by her pitches began being incinerated at an above-average rate.

Jessica Telephone

Originally a batter for the Steaks, Jessica Telephone was the first player in the Internet League to reach maximum player rating. This led her to become an immediate fan favorite, even among enemy teams. Her fan favorite status would lead her to become the first player encased within a shell by The Shelled One. According to fan lore, there are countless Jessica Telephones scattered through time, one for every '80s decade in history, and she has 11 wives.

Wyatt Mason / NaN

Originally a batter for the Los Angeles Tacos, Wyatt Mason was noteworthy for their poor rating, being the weakest hitter on the team. When Los Angeles was torn apart by The Grand Unslam and the L.A. Tacos became the Unlimited Tacos, every player on the team temporarily became Wyatt Mason, albeit with different ratings. The original Wyatt Mason became NaN, and is believed to be involved with The Microphone, which played a major role in the resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers and the defeat of The Shelled One.

Mike Townsend

A lifelong pitcher for the Garages, Mike Townsend was infamous as one of the lowest-rated players in the entire Internet League. When Jaylen Hotdogfingers was resurrected, Mike Townsend was forced into the shadows in her place. Townsend briefly returned during Season 10, and is generally no longer viewed as the worst player in the league. According to fan lore, the Garages wrote an original song about their hatred of Townsend, only to later compose an album about his sudden improvement.

Landry Violence

A player for the Tigers, Landry Violence was a fan favorite in the Internet League before his incineration on Day 110 of Season 3. After the Tigers went on to win the game 3-2, fans of the Tigers popularized "Rest In Violence" and "RIV" both in memory of Violence, and in honor of every incinerated player. The phrase would later become the subtitle for Season 8. In Season 10, Landry Violence was resurrected as a member of the Hall Stars to fight The Shelled One. After defeating The Shelled One, Violence was officially released from the Internet League.


Past events in blaseball history can have a major impact on both the game and the player narrative surrounding the game. As such, listed below is an overview of previous seasons alongside noteworthy events which occurred within each season.

Season 1 - The Return

  • Championship Winner: Philly Pies
  • The Steaks win a Max Out Batter blessing, maxing Jessica Telephone's stats and making her an immediate fan-favorite, as well as leading her to be immediately stolen when the Pie won the Steal Best Hitter blessing.
  • The Forbidden Book is opened by public decree, causing solar eclipses to begin, as well as incinerating Jaylen Hotdogfingers, and starting the Discipline Era.

Season 2 - The Discipline Era

  • Championship Winner: Philly Pies
  • Peanuts are introduced by public decree, available from the store.

Season 3 - Uncertainty

  • Championship Winner: Hades Tigers
  • Hoping to atone for opening the forbidden book, players plan to buy one million peanuts, only to prevented from doing so when a number of players exploit the game, generating infinite peanuts.
  • The Shelled One, a deity-like spinning peanut, awakens as a result of the Peanut Fraud, and calls first and second strike, due to the opening of The Book, and the Peanut Fraud respectively.
  • "The Grand Unslam" occurs on Day 73, due to server issues revoking points from a grand slam during a game between the Shoe Thieves and the Tacos. As a result, Los Angeles is consumed by void, and the L.A. Tacos become the Unlimited Tacos. Every blaseball player on the Tacos' roster temporarily becomes Wyatt Mason, except for the original Wyatt Mason, who becomes NaN.
  • Interviews are introduced by public decree, making player ratings public knowledge, as well as Eat the Rich, redistributing coins from the top 1% of players to the other 99% at the end of every season.

Season 4 - Feedback

  • Championship Winners: Hades Tigers
  • The 5-blood and 3-blood Blagonballs are discovered.
  • On Day 99, a game between the Flowers and the Tacos goes for 24-innings, causing the first known Spillover event.
  • Alternate Reality is passed by public decree, causing some players to be replaced by alternate universe versions of themselves.

Season 5 - Reverb

  • Championship Winners: Chicago Firefighters
  • Reverb weather begins, shuffling around players positions on their teams.
  • The Unlimited Tacos see a record-breaking poor season, entering Party Time by Day 78.
  • High Filter is passed by public decree, to unknown effect.

Season 6 - Idols

  • Championship Winner: Baltimore Crabs
  • High Filter changes the existing league divisions from Good/Evil to Wild/Mild. The Wild Wings are placed in the Mild league, causing them to be renamed the Wexico City Mild Wings for the duration of the season.
  • Idols are introduced, allowing players to earn coins when their favorite blaseball players perform well.
  • Before the playoffs, The Shelled One calls Third Strike, shelling the two most idolized players (Jessica Telephone and Nagomi McDaniel), but sparing the third most idolized player, Peanut Bong.
  • The Garages win the Lottery Pick blessing, allowing them to steal the 14th most idolized player. Jaylen Hotdogfingers, the 14th most idolized player, is brought back from the dead, sending Mike Townsend to the shadows in her place.
  • Enhanced Party Time passes by public decree, providing stat boosts for teams who are in Party Time.

Season 7 - Getting Shelled

  • Championship Winners: Mexico City Wild Wings
  • Jaylen Hotdogfingers begins destabilizing players who are hit by her pitches. Hit players become more likely to be incinerated, with a debt being collected every time an unstable player gets incinerated.
  • The Tacos begin a public campaign to shell every Tacos pitcher, by placing them in the top 10 of the idol leaderboard.
  • On Day 99, The Shelled One returns, disappointed by the Tacos, but shelling their pitchers regardless.
  • Due to the resurrection of Hotdogfingers, The Monitor appears, stating its desire to eat The Shelled One.
  • Bless Off wins the popular decree, barring the championship teams from winning blessings.

Season 8 - Rest In Violence

  • Championship Winner: Baltimore Crabs
  • The Hall of Flame opens, allowing players to tribute peanuts to fallen players.
  • Three idol leaders have their pregame ritual overwritten by a message from the original Wyatt Mason.
  • The Shelled One declares fourth strike, in response to peanuts being sacrificed to the Hall of Flame.
  • Wild Cards wins by popular decree, allowing a randomly-selected fifth team into the championships.

Season 9 - Forecast

  • Championship Winner: Charleston Shoe Thieves
  • Weather effects become intensified as a result of the fourth strike.
  • In the last inning of the last game, the Shoe Thieves shame the Crabs, winning the Championship.
  • The Shelled One returns, challenging the Shoe Thieves to fight a team of shelled players. The Shelled One handily wins.
  • The Garages win an Out of Sight blessing, bringing Mike Townsend out of the shadows.
  • Forecasts: Birds, Blooddrain, and Eclipse pass by popular decree, strengthening each weather effect.

Season 10 - Backdraft

  • Championship Winner: Baltimore Crabs
  • On Day 99, Jaylen Hotdogfingers returns to the void.
  • The Shelled One returns to fight the Crabs, defeating them in a single hit. The Monitor introduces The Hall Stars, a team comprised of Hall of Flame leaders, to take their place, defeating The Shelled One.
  • The Monitor consumes The Shelled One.
  • The Crabs ascend, entering the Big Leagues. The newly formed Tokyo Lift takes the Crabs' place in the Internet League.
  • The Boss, The Monitor's boss, arrives. The Peace and Prosperity Era begins.
  • Black Hole wins by popular decree, creating the Sun 2 and Black Hole weather events.

Season 11 - Peace and Prosperity

  • Championship Winner: Hellmouth Sunbeams
  • The Millenials sue Commissioner Parker MacMillan III, due to a failure to enforce Season 3's Eat the Rich decree. The trial is interrupted when an umpire breaks into the courtroom, incinerating MacMillan III. MacMillan III is replaced by Parker MacMillan IIII.
  • The newly formed Tokyo Lift perform notably poorly, finishing the season 28-61.
  • By popular decree, it is determined that The Forbidden Book should be eaten, defaced, and closed, in no specific order.

The Coffee Cup

  • Championship Winner: Inter Xpresso
  • A special series with no bearing on the regular season, played between Season 11 and Season 12 with unique teams.
  • During game 5, Parker MacMillan IIII was liquefied, and replaced with Commissioner Parker MacMillan IIIII.

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