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The Blista Compact is a small two door found in Grand Theft Auto IV, San Andreas, Vice City and Vice City Stories. 

Grand Theft Auto : Vice City and Vice City Stories

A Blista Compact (Mark I)
A Blista Compact (Mark I)
The Blista Compact in Grand Theft Auto : Vice City is probably the worst performing version of the vehicle. It still has a high top speed, but the handling is far heavier than that of the Mark II and Mark III. Through chronological order, this is the oldest version of the Blista Compact. It is not possible to see what manufacturer made this version of the Blista Compact, but it seems likely to be either Dinka or another Japanese company. The Mark I is virtually the same as the II and III, although it has slightly smaller and more faired in headlights. 

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

The Blista Compact in GTA San Andreas is also one of the fastest starting vehicles. The Blista Compact can be modified in TransFenders, and is also based on the Honda CRX. It is unknown what company manufactures the Blista Compact in San Andreas, as there are no badges on it. It's likely that the Blista Compact was made by Dinka as well, although it could have been another company, such as Maibatsu. Technically, this iteration of the Blista Compact is the Mark II. The handling on the Mark I and II is far heavier than that of the Mark III. Although, in comparison with other cars of the same era, the I and II still have good handling. The Blista Compact can be found anywhere in San Andreas.

A Blista Compact (Mark II)
A Blista Compact (Mark II)

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