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    Tommy Vercetti

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    Tommy Vercetti is a former member of the Forelli family and founder of the Vercetti crime family in Vice City. He is voiced by actor Ray Liotta.

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    Tommy Vercetti worked for the Forelli crime family in the 1970s. In 1971 he was arrested and charged with killing 11 people, for which he earned the nickname "The Harwood Butcher." However, thanks to some connections within the mob, he was able to lighten his sentence and was only convicted of manslaughter--earning him 15 years in prison. When released in 1986, Sonny Forelli felt it would be best to get Vercetti out of people's memories and sent him to take care of some work in Vice City. Sonny decided it was time to get into the lucrative drug business and wanted Vercetti to be the one to get his hands dirty.

    Vercetti arrived at Escobar International Airport where he met the Forelli's contact Ken Rosenberg. They were set to make a drug exchange at the Vice City Docks but the hand-off was ambushed and Vercetti loses both his money and the cocaine. When Forelli found out Vercetti assured him that he'd get the money and drugs back and take care of whoever set him up. Tommy started out trying to find out who stole the money from Colonel Cortez, and eventually found that Ricardo Diaz was the man he was looking for. After working close to Diaz, Tommy killed him taking his mansion and his influence started to spread. Tommy began to create his own family after helping Cuban and Haitian gangs. Eventually Tommy would war against his former family and kill Sonny Forelli.


    • Tommy was voiced by the late Ray Liotta, an actor best known for Goodfellas.

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