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You got your girls snatched by a drunk? Seriously, you guys suck. 0

Bub and Bob are two guys whose girlfriends were kidnapped by a monster named Super Drunk (seriously, that’s his name!). On top of the kidnapping, he turned the two into bubble blowing dino-mites. Now the two must venture through one area after another to save their girls. -summarOne thing about the late great 80’s when concerning video games is that they used the whole save the girl gimmick to death. I’m not exactly sure, but I wouldn’t doubt if 70% of the games from back...

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The best co-op game ever? 1

I only started playing games in 1998, my first console an N64. Usually, when I go back to play an old game that has been reviewed well, it turns out the person who reviewed it was looking at it through rose-tinted glasses. One of my friends convinced me to try this game on GameTap (which has an online mode which we used for co-op), and I obliged, not expecting much.I played this game until 5 in the fucking morning.I didn't understand a damned thing about it, either, the whole game is made up of ...

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The happiest game on Earth 0

Cute little dragons, candy and sneaker powerups, and the happiest, catchiest BGM in the history of gaming. What's not to love??At first, the game seems simple. Run around, catch the baddies, pop the bubbles, don't get eaten by the whale, try to grab the powerup in time to be rewarded with a giant popcicle at the end of the level.Awesome! But dig a little deeper, and there's strategy to be had. The enemy movement patterns and "air currents" (i.e. where your bubbles float after appearing) are alw...

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What's that? Timmy fell down the well? 0

100 levels of pop I first played this game as a child, back in the days of the the great white brick, also known as the original Game Boy. I never completed it back then, but recently set my mind to re-play my old games and I had a hard time putting this old gem down.  While the controls are a bit stiff for my taste, the music is absolutely fantastic and really draws you into the bubble-popping gameplay. Some boss fights are a tad too hard and a bit cheap way, but at least the Password Pak syste...

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