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    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 05, 2007

    Nintendo DS-exclusive side story to the main Call of Duty 4 campaign.

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    The DS version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is different then the console version, the game was developed by n-Space Inc and published by Activision. Instead of taking place in the original story of the console version, the game take place in a side story of Call of Duty 4 when you played as several anonymous characters, who are either the British S.A.S. or American armed forces.


    The story in the Nintendo DS version of the game differs greatly from the story within the console versions of the game. Protagonists are not identified by a name and do not effect the outcome of the war (eg. they will not prevent Imran Zakhaev from attempting to launch a nuclear weapon). 
    Combat takes place in the Middle East and in Russia during the story, and follows a group of both SAS operatives and American Marines. The OpFor remain the main threat within the Middle East, and the Ultranationalists are the core threat to Russia. The story tends to follow a smaller group of soldiers who are fighting in the conflict, rather than the attempt to end the actual conflict. Mission synopsis below: 

    First to Fight

    First to Fight is the starting mission in the game. Players take on the role of Zach Parker, in the United States Marines. The mission is the tutorial for the game, and instructs players on how to fight in the conflict. During the training exercise however, OpFor soldiers attack the base. Parker and the other Marines fend them off, but the base is badly damaged and leaves them with little opportunity to turn it into a defensive position.  


    Parker and the rest of the Marines flee from the base that was previously damaged severely, aboard a procession of Humvees. Their departure involves traveling through a large canyon, where a Russian-made Mi-24 Hind attacks them. Parker, aboard the M2 Browning mounted to the Humvee, is able to shoot down the Hind before it causes major damage or wipes out the entire convoy. The convoy reaches a town, at which they exit the vehicles.  
    Inside the town, they are pinned down by a sniper, wielding a Dragunov SVD. Parker leaves his squad to flank the sniper, succeeding in doing so. The team then proceeds to push through buildings and narrow alleyways in an attempt to escape the rest of the militia in the city. Eventually, they reach a point where a U.S. military helicopter is able to safely land and allow them aboard.


    Intervention is the first mission in the story where the player takes on the role of SAS serviceman Bravo 9. The mission is very similar to 'Crew Expendable' in console versions of the game. The SAS team are aboard a ship in the Baltic Sea, where they need to investigate the possibility of nuclear weapons being transported aboard it. 
    In order to prevent the ship sending a distress signal, the communications tower aboard it is deliberately sabotaged by Bravo 9, using C4 in order to destroy any connection to the rest of the world. Their presence on the ship becomes known when another Mi-24 Hind attacks the ship, performing strafing runs in an attempt to kill the SAS operatives aboard. 
    A transmission is intercepted, suggesting that the ship has been armed, with the intention of scuttling it at sea. Bravo 9 and the rest of the operatives proceed into the cargo hold, in order to disarm the charges and prevent the possibility of a nuclear catastrophe in the ocean. A squad containing Bravo 9 enter the captain's quarters, stealing the manifest for the ship. As they exit they find the rest of their team pinned under heavy fire while a third Mi-24 Hind is airlifting the nuclear device from the cargo hold of the ship, before it flies off into the night.  

    On Approach

    On Approach returns to Parker and the rest of the Marines in the Middle East. They are aboard a UH-60 Black Hawk, codenamed Hawk 1. They are instructed to find the man funding the OpFor in the conflict, who has been identified as the 'Bag Man'. Hawk 2 scouts an overpass, finding pockets of resistance from OpFor. Hawk 1 enters the overpass, and Parker guns down the resistance with the side-mounted minigun. 
    Inside the city, Hawk 1 and Hawk 2 are attacked by enemies inside a gas station. Parker and the rest of the team annihilate the enemies within the gas station using the minigun and their rifles. Their pilot is radioed by Vasquez (a key character in the console versions of the game, as Corporal Paul Jackson's superior officer), who requests air support from Hawk 1 and Hawk 2.  
    Vasquez' squad is pinned down by OpFor soldiers, wielding RPG-7s and other weapons. Eventually the OpFor turn one of these RPG-7s at Hawk 2 and manage to score a hit. Damaged, Hawk 2 crashes into the ground. The military command instructs Hawk 1 to continue, telling them that Hawk 2 will be recovered alongside any survivors.  

    Hard Impact

    Hard Impact follows a nameless member of a United States Rescue Team that has been dispatched to recover Hawk 2 and the rest of the crew aboard it. The team find heavy resistance, though it is eventually overcome by the protagonist, who manages to flank the M2 Browning mounted machine gun being used by the OpFor. 
    A United States Marine breaches one of the doors into a building, allowing the Rescue Team access. Inside the building is a large number of OpFor combatants, ready to fight. As they progress through, the protagonist is grabbed by one of the survivors in a melee battle, where the Nintendo DS touch screen is employed. 
    Having survived the confrontation with the OpFor survivor, the player is given C4 and told to blow a hole in the wall of another building which is being used by the enemy. Once this has been done, the team are told that a sniper aboard Hawk 2 had been captured, and is trapped inside a building. The protagonist is instructed to find and help Private Weckman, while the Rescue Team provides covering fire. The covering fire helps to suppress an enemy sniper on a rooftop, giving the protagonist ample time to enter the building in which Weckman is being held. 
    Weckman has been shot, and is unable to make use of his rifle. He tells the protagonist to take his M40A3 sniper rifle and shoot the hostiles below. A Soviet-era T72 tank enters the fray, and fires upon the building. An air strike is then arranged, destroying the tank and allowing the team to find the downed Black Hawk helicopter as well as its crew.  

    The Russian

    As Bravo 9, the player has been ordered to find Ivan Petrovitch; he is a key figure within the Ultranationalist chain of command, and has provided funding for Khaled Al-Asad in the Middle East. The mission begins in the snowy peaks of eastern Russia, with Bravo 9 wielding an M40A3 sniper rifle. Having been instructed to shoot the enemies who are visible, Bravo 9 is then ordered to mark a bridge for air support to demolish. The bridge is key to Ultranationalist operations in the area as it is their only real supply line. 
    Allies destroy a communications relay in the area, and the player is confronted with more resistance from Ultranationalist fighters. Eventually another tank will arrive, and must be destroyed by designating it for a bombing run. The player then blows their way into Petrovitch's mansion, and must fight through the large residence in order to find the man. At the end, Petrovitch makes something of a stand, exiting the room he had been hiding in alongside some of his bodyguards. Cut down the bodyguards, and the mission concludes. After some interrogation, Petrovitch eventually reveals the location of the nuke found during the mission 'Intervention.' 


    Spectre is the only mission in the game allowing the player to make use of an AC-130 gunship. The gunner aboard the AC-130, who is also the protagonist, must protect the SAS strike team who are being attacked by Ultranationalist combatants. Spectre is almost impossible to fail, unless the player fires upon friendly buildings. Eventually they will be told to fire upon buildings occupied by the OpFor combatants.  

    Bunker Buster

    Bunker Buster follows on from 'Spectre', through the eyes of Bravo 9 and the rest of the SAS unit. Ultranationalists within the bunker are attempting to destroy key documents displaying their role in Middle Eastern conflict. C4 is also planted throughout the bunker, with a countdown beginning after the final charge is placed.   


    AMF continues from the eyes of Bravo 9, with the team having discovered that they are the only unit close enough to stand a chance of preventing the launch of the warhead first seen in 'Intervention'. The location is also rigged with explosives so it can be destroyed after the nuclear launch is successful. The key location to reach during this mission is 'Location 7'; it is where the nuclear warhead is being readied for its launch. 
    After progressing rapidly through the base, the Ultranationalists are forced to abandon plans of launching the warhead. Instead they load it aboard a truck and prepare to desert the base, with the intention of firing it at a later date. The truck driver will be shot dead by an ally; Bravo 9 must then climb into the back of the vehicle in order to ensure the nuke is never used.  

    House Cleaning

    House Cleaning is the first mission containing both the United States Marines and the SAS, during a joint operation. Players return in the role of Zach Parker of the US Marines, aboard a helicopter. They must provide covering fire from the side-mounted minigun again, in order to allow the SAS to reach a missile launch site from which future warheads could be launched. In order to prevent aid coming for the Ultranationalists protecting the missile launch site, Parker must destroy another communications relay.  
    Several aircraft will launch near the testing site and attempt to destroy Parker's helicopter, unless they are destroyed on the runway. A friendly helicopter will then target a train that is being used by the Ultranationalists to flee the site, taking out the track. With nowhere else to go, the train plunges over a cliff. The hatch to the missile silo opens, and the warhead launches.  

    Missile Away

    Immediately after the launch, the next mission begins. Entitled 'Missile Away', the player continues to fight as Parker. After pushing through the hangar a tank will attempt to take out Parker's squad, though does not succeed in doing so. It is destroyed after another airstrike called in by the player bombs it. After progressing through the launch facility, Parker discovers the control room from which the missile was launched.   

    Having removed any resistance to stop him entering the missile control room, Parker enters it and inputs the abort codes for the missile that was launched. Another device is found within the facility though, and the team need to ensure it does not fall into the hands of the Ultranationalists, who could again try to launch it at a later date. A friendly soldier takes charge and ensures the missile will not fall into the wrong hands.  

    Dead in Ten!

    Dead in Ten! is the final mission of the game, and plays through the eyes of Zach Parker. The team leave the facility aboard a Humvee, though are forced off the road by a transport truck. Private Ackrich has the suitcase containing other nuclear compounds from the facility, and must be kept alive at all costs. After pushing through the enemies within the trainyard, the two find a vehicle. 
    Using the vehicle they manage to reach a bridge controlled by the SAS. As they cross it, it is blown up, though remains capable of supporting them. The two men hold off attackers for two minutes, until a helicopter can come and collect them. After boarding the helicopter with the nuclear suitcase, the game ends. 


    As a first-person shooter, Modern Warfare puts in the player inside various military soldiers, with a focus exclusively on combat. The game offers a variety of real-world weapons and vehicles. The majority of the missions are ground-level infantry combat, but there are several missions in which the player mans his turret in an aircraft, soldier or Humvee. 
    The player looks around and aims the currently equipped weapon using the touch screen. On foot, the touch screen is also used to switch and reload firearms, switch to grenades, and interact with the game world; the directional pad is used to move and the shoulder buttons fire the current firearm. 

    To utilize unique features of the DS, this version includes several touch-screen features, including hacking terminals and bomb disarmament. Inventory controls and an overhead map and radar are located on the touch screen. The DS offers local multi-player via built-in wireless, but does not offer the online multiplayer central to the console and PC versions. 

    The game takes place in a cold gray Russia and a bright, dusty Middle East and follows a fictitious storyline. The game features twelve single player levels in its campaign, as well as several multiplayer modes including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag. Multiplayer supports up to four players and uses both multicard play and download play.

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