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    DC Comics character Jack Ryder, recently appearing in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Television host Jack Ryder was exposed to an unstable sample of "nanocells" that transformed him into a superhuman, bestial vigilante. Ryder now fights crime as the Creeper.

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    Jack Ryder AKA Creeper is a comic book character created by DC Comics. Ryder works in Gotham City as a TV host and journalist.

    History (DC Comics)

    Jack Ryder was the host of a television program called You Are Wrong!, utilizing it as a forum to promote his views on science and technology. His ultimate goal was to secure enough information to write a sensational story about a new stem cell treatment by Dr. Vincent Yatz that allowed regeneration of dead tissue.

    While attempting to investigate Yatz’s experiments personally, Ryder was accidentally injected with the “nanocell” sample. The unstable sample imbued Ryder with superhuman speed, strength and agility and drastically increased his healing factor. It also turned his skin green. Ryder found that he was able to call forth this alter-ego at will and resumed his position as a television host while fighting crime as the Creeper.

    Video Game Appearances

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Main Article

    Creeper appears as Jack Ryder during a radio broadcast reporting on the situation at Arkham Asylum. By using environmental analysis to scan the radio playing the show, players may unlock Ryder’s biography.

    Batman: Arkham City

    Main Article

    After investigating Hugo Strange and Arkham City, Ryder found himself captured as the latest political prisoner along with Bruce Wayne. Ryder would later be an assassination target of Deadshot in the side mission, Shot in the Dark.


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