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    Crystal Defenders

    Game » consists of 19 releases. Released Dec 23, 2008

    A tower defense strategy game taking place in the world of Ivalice (Final Fantasy Tactics, FFXII). Players place their troops and level them up to stop the incoming monsters from stealing their crystals.

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    Crystal Defenders is a Square Enix tactical simulation game available on WiiWare, XBLA, PSN, iPhone & iPod Touch. The game is based on Final Fantasy Tactics and most resembles the Tower Defense genre. In the game you must defend your stronghold by placing characters on the stage to battle against different enemies. You can access various job classes and raise your characters. Espers can also be summoned once per turn to deal extra damage and/or gain various stat bonuses

    Crystal Defenders R1 was released for WiiWare on January 27th, 2009, and a "complete" version for Xbox Live Marketplace was released March 11th, 2009. A PSN "complete" version was released in the US on August 6th, 2009.

    While the Wii version was released in separate 3 chapters, the 360 and PSN versions come with all chapters in one single package.


    Your main line of defense are specialized characters (towers), each with their own strengths, weakness and skills. They can be purchased for a set amount of gold, which you gain every time you kill an enemy, and also upgraded for a set amount of gold which increases their attack speed, power and range.

    Characters mainly differ in 5 areas:

    • If they can attack - thieves are the only ones that can't attack.
    • What they can attack - Some units can't attack air enemies, while others can attack both ground and air.
    • What kind of attack they do - characters use a magical or physical attack. Some enemies are strong against a certain attack type.
    • What range they have - Each unit has an attack radius and they can only attack enemies within that radius.
    • How fast they attack - Each unit can only attack at a certain speed.

    Available Characters / Towers:

    • Soldier - Low Range with High attack power (Ground Only Unit)
    • White Monk - Weaker than Soldiers but do splash damage (Ground Only Unit)
    • Black Mage - Ranged Unit that deal spell type Splash Damage (Ground and Air Unit)
    • Archer - Ranged Unit that Deals High Damage but only attacks one unit at a time (Ground and Air Unit)
    • Berserker - Very Similar to the Monk
    • Time Mage - Ranged unit that slows enemies that it hits (Ground and Air Unit)
    • Thief - Deals no damage but adds to the amount of gil you get for each kill near this unit (Ground and Air)
    • Dragoon - Very Similar to the Black Mage

    In addition to the towers, the player can also summon 1 Esper per wave for increased stat bonuses, removing stat bonuses from foes or to dish out loads of damage to all foes. Each summon requires a specific amount of Crystals and the player has to have at least one crystal left after summoning to be able to summon.

    Available Espers include:

    • Phoenix - Doubles the attack power and range of the player's towers (costs 5 crystals)
    • Ramuh - Does damage to all enemies and slow them down (costs 5 crystals)
    • Ifrit - Deals MASSIVE damage to all foes (costs 5 crystals)
    • Carbuncle - Removes resistance from all foes (costs 5 crystals)
    • Chocobo - Summons a heard of Chocobo's that damages all foes (costs 2 crystals)
    • Unicorn - Doubles the attack power and speed of the player's towers (costs 5 crystals)


    • WiiWare: 800 Points (roughly $8)
    • XBLA: $9.99
    • PSN: $9.99
    • iPhone / iPod Touch: $6.99
    • iPod Classic / Nano: $4.99
    • Android: $5.99

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