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    A Flan is a gelatinous enemy that has appeared in almost every Main Final Fantasy title and spin-off. They are often affiliated with one of the four that appear in Final Fantasy.

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    Flans are a magical blob-like enemy that have features such as eyes, mouth and occasionally arm-like limbs. Originally appearing in original Final Fantasy as a simple slime creature and eventually appearing in their current form in Final Fantasy II and onwards. 

    Physical Appearance

    In Final Fantasy I,  Flans originally appeared as a simple Jelly creature with no noticeable physical features. In Final Fantasy II, the most common interpretation of  the Flan was created, with facial features and limbs. Flans are often associated with the various magical elements in the franchise (Such as Fire, Ice, etc.) and are colored similarly. 


     Flans magical affiliation gives them immunity to and the ability to absorb their respective magic, but makes them highly vulnerable to the opposing element. Flans are also highly resistant to physical attacks, so using the opposing magical element is the easiest way to dispatch a Flan. Some titles also have special Flans which are completely immune to all forms of magic and must be dispatched using physical combat only.


    Flans technically made their first appearance in Final Fantasy, but did not officially become Flans until Final Fantasy II. Flans have appeared in some variation of the Amano's Final Fantasy II design in every main series Final Fantasy title, with the exception of Final Fantasy VII. Flans have also appeared in this form in many of the spin-off Final Fantasy titles, including the Crystal Chronicles series of games as well as the Chocobo spin-off games.

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