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    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

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    Crystal Chronicles is part of the Final Fantasy franchise and debuted on the Nintendo GameCube in 2004 (2003 in Japan). Unlike other Final Fantasy games, it has a real-time action combat system.

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    Created by Akitoshi Kawazu the Crystal Chronicles continuity takes place in an unnamed world which has been inhabited by four humanoid races, as well as numerous other species and monsters, as is synonomous with the Final Fantasy Universe, such as Chocobos. Each of the games are essentially a chronicling of different points in the worlds history.
    Kumi Tanioka is the main musical composer for the franchise and has produced the soundtracks for all the games to date. She has seen her compositions for the Ring of Fates and Echoes of Time games see a mainstream commercial release, whilst the soundtracks for the other games are available only in-play. For the Ring of Fates soundtrack, the main composer of the main Final Fantasy franchise, Nobuo Uematsu, contributed one song.
    Although the games have recieved middling to substantial critical praise, the focus for criticism seems mostly to be that the single player modes are not often up to par, nor are they backed by a decent story. The graphics, music and multiplayer action of the saga go largely uncontested.


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