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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is an action RPG released by Square Enix in March 2008 for the Nintendo DS. It is the spiritual successor to 2004's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube.


In traditional Final Fantasy style, Ring of Fates is not a direct sequel to the GameCube original. Instead, it is a prequel, set in the same world but focusing on different characters and a different storyline. In Ring of Fates, the plot focuses on a pair of Clavat twins named Yuri and Chelinka.
The Game also features several hints and references to the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.


Ring of Fates is an action RPG, similar to Kingdom Hearts (another popular Square Enix franchise). Like most RPGs, the gameplay has three main focuses: visiting towns, exploring dungeons, and engaging in combat. Like its predecessor, Ring of Fates also features a wealth of dedicated multiplayer content.

The Overworld and Towns

As with most RPGs, Ring of Fates uses an overworld, commonly referred to as a "world map". While the majority of RPGs feature fully explorable over worlds, Ring of Fates follows the example set by the original Crystal Chronicles and offers an overworld which acts as more of a map. There are several destinations on this map, and rather than physically walking from place to place, the player can simply cycle through the locations using the DS' D-pad and select a town or dungeon using the A button. The game can be saved at any point on the world map by pressing the Y button.

The town of Rebena Te Ra acts as the central hub for the game's proceedings. Here, players can shop for new weapons, armour, magicite and items before venturing into a dungeon.

  • Items
Players can find three types of items throughout their adventure,
  1. magicite which acts as a resource to cast magic
  2. Recipes which allow you to craft new weapons and armour whilst at Rebena Te Ra
  3. Materials which are required to craft items from recipes.

Items are gained by using recipes, each time generating a slightly different item.

  • Multiplayer

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates features a unique multiplayer mode that strips the game of its story and cutscenes but adds a unique quest system, this adds up to an excellent multiplayer cooperative experience.

  • Quests

In multiplayer players can complete quests for rewards, these quests involve the players completing a unique challenge such as defeating all enemies within a time limit ect.
in these challenge stages, unique power-ups appear such as super jump or invincibility. 


The soundtrack for Final Fantasy Ring of Fates was composed by Kumi Tanioka, and the soundtrack was released September 17, 2007. 

FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Ring of Fates Original Soundtrack
FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Ring of Fates Original Soundtrack

FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Ring of Fates Original Soundtrack

Total length: 76:03

  1. Ring of Fates
  2. The Beginning
  3. The World Where We Live
  4. Peaceful Everyday
  5. The Cave in the Hill Behind Our House
  6. Mog's Tutoring
  7. A Duel!
  8. Get the Treasure!
  9. A Moment of Silence
  10. Light of the Crystal
  11. Scenery of the Castle Town
  12. Shopping
  13. Abandoned Town
  14. Teteo's Feelings
  15. Pope Gardes
  16. Picking Moogle Grass
  17. Evil Shadow
  18. With Sadness and Despair
  19. Determination
  20. Courage From Friends
  21. An Important Comrade
  22. The Tainted Forest
  23. The Person Living in the Forest
  24. Rabena Te Ra Castle
  25. A City Resting At the Bottom of the Sea
  26. Reckless Meeth
  27. A Small Vestment
  28. Island of Sinners
  29. Battle
  30. The Underworld
  31. The Caretaker of Souls
  32. Father Possessed
  33. Lela Ciel
  34. The City's Collapse
  35. Existence of the Crystal
  36. Temple of the Crystal
  37. Temple of the Moon
  38. Final Decisive Battle
  39. Destruction of the Ego
  40. Crystal Record
  41. Bonds
  42. The Place I've Longed For
  43. Welcome Back... I'm Home
  44. Finale
  45. Character Making
  46. Quest Together! No. 1
  47. Level Up
  48. Game Over
  49. Quest Together! No. 2
  50. Prize Contest
  51. Race Start!
  52. The Race and the Royal Balcony
  53. Race Victory
  54. Race... Defeat
  55. A Moogle Outing
  56. RoF Medley
  57. Memories of the Ring of Fates

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