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DanceMasters, known as Dance Evolution in Europe and Australasia, is a launch title for the Xbox 360 Kinect motion sensor.  The game features 30 songs, almost all from existing titles from previous Konami dance games like Dance Dance Revolution and Para Para Paradise, with songs including "A Geisha's Dream" and "Into Your Heart (Ruffage Remix)."  The game also has a "live action" feature where the character is superimposed upon the screen image, between the background and lead dancers.  When a successful move is performed, a snapshot appears on the lower left of the screen.  At the end of the routine, each move is graded, from "perfect" to "boo" (best to worst), with a letter grade assigned at the end.  A gauge at the lower right of the screen will fill when moves are completed well, and empty when movies are failed.  If the gauge is emptied completely, the song will cut entirely, with a general grade unavailable in the analysis.

 All three covers side-by-side
 All three covers side-by-side
Of interest is the fact that only the North American box art features an actual on-screen player, with the European and Japanese box art featuring the main female dancer nearly taking up the full box space.
When describing the game, producer Naoki Maeda declared "this is real dancing."

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