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    Dark Queen

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    Buxom antagonist of the Battletoads series who appears a number of times as the final boss of the games. She strives to rule the galaxy and is constantly trying to defeat the Battletoads and Professor T. Bird.

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    The Dark Queen is an evil and seductive villain possessing magical powers who commands an army of anthropomorphic pigs and rats. She often seems to act in the manner of a Saturday morning cartoon villain, frequently appearing between stages to mock the Battletoads in a somewhat simple and crude style as well as fighting them directly. She has a weight of 126 lbs and a height of 6 ft, although she usually appears much larger in the games, presumably using her magical abilities to alter her size. In the games, she has teamed up with characters such as Silas Volkmire and the Shadow Boss in an effort to try and accomplish her evil goals. 
    As the final boss in the original console version of  Battletoads, she has the ability to transform herself into a tornado and try to hit the Toad battling her. During the final boss fight of Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, she can instantly teleport and attack the player with her staff and as the final boss in Battletoads and Double Dragon she has the ability to transform into a massive flame and move across and screen as well as the ability to throw fireballs. She appears in almost none of the arcade and Game Boy Battletoads games with the exception of appearing in the arcade game Battletoads as a hologram during the fight between the Battletoads and Robo-Rat, laughing at and mocking the Battletoads when they are hit and appearing shocked and panicky when the Robo-Rat is damaged.


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