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    DC Studios, Inc.

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    DC Studios, Inc is a company, that creates software for both Apple platform (Iphone/Itouch/Mac) and Windows platforms (xp/vista/etc.).

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    Taken from MobyGames:

    DC Studios, Inc. consists of game development studios in Montreal (Canada) and Glasgow (Scotland). A third studio in Edinburgh (Scotland) was closed in June 2006 after the poor sales of State of Emergency 2. The team was working on two other games at the time.

    In 2003 DC acquired the business of Dream Mechanics, based in Montreal. Dream Mechanics is a provider of massively multiplayer gaming technology and has produced many on line games for many film and TV Studios.

    They develop for Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, PC, Apple Macintosh, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and more.

    Since forming in 1999, DC has been responsible for games including Salt Lake 2002. NBA Jam 2002, Army Men: Advance, and Cinderella: Magical Dreams (all versions except Gameboy Advance), Taxi 2, Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House (PSX), The Cat In The Hat (PSX), Tour de France Centenary Edition in conjunction with Konami for the PlayStation 2, and Bratz, a multi-platform dance game based on the doll franchise (GBA, PSX and PC). DC has also developed games for mobile phones including Charmed, based on the popular TV show.

    DC Studios also develops electronic toys (two of which have been released by Mattel) as well as developing games for the proprietary Toymax consoles including the Atari TV Games System.

    DC invests in R&D and possesses technology on all platforms, including the Trimorph system - a dynamic, flexible and multi-functional engine designed to create and host Second Generation business-to-consumer virtual communities, from on-line games to virtual electronic storefronts.

    Whilst remaining committed to developing titles under contract for leading publishers, DC Studios has moved into the world of original titles with its own projects Jackals and Valentine as well as a number other original titles being developed to full concept stage.


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