Dragon Age II

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Mar 08, 2011

    This sequel to Dragon Age: Origins features faster combat, a new art style, and a brand new, fully voiced main character named Hawke.

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    Day one DLC is virtually the norm of the gaming business these days, and Dragon Age 2 is such a game that has grabbed this common occurrence by the balls.Should you of pre-ordered the temporary Signature Edition, you're in luck to receive this charming chap for free. Anyone who missed that chance can still find him for for 7$, and for the most part, he's certainly a worthy admission. Sebastian Vael is a recruitable party member for Hawke, but only after around 10 hours worth of gamepla...

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    One of the most underappreciated Games I've played 2

    First let me start with the negative and why I didn't gave it 5 stars. The game has some technical problems, for instance, alot of the cutscenes have focus problems and stays blurry for most of it. As well as while you're walking through the city at night the lights keep poping on and off, what was weird. And the enemy variety could've been deeper for the amount of fighting the game has.That said, I love this game. I don't understand why people that liked Origins hated it so much. I love how the...

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    Dragon Age 2 Review 0

    Dragon Age is back with another gargantuan experience that sets the bar ever so higher as to how stories in games should be told. Though the game doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor’s hype, BioWare still managed to bring another fun-filled, epic experience to our hands! The few things that make sense in Dragon Age 2 is that people are bad, darkspawn must die, and dragons are a pain in the you know what! Dragon Age 2 could have been the best game in the series save for a few problems here an...

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    Dragon age 2: Not calling you a Liar, just don’t lie to me. 0

    As a fan of anything Bioware related, I was excited about this new title. Dragon Age: Origins was chock full of content that was utterly amazing. Whether it be the fight between Dalish Elves and Werewolves, to Mages and Templar, right down to even Dwarves vs. Dwarves, we were forced to take sides and play the politics game with each and every decision we made. The companions you gained along the way were a range of quirky individuals that you formed into a rag-tag elite fighting force, leading t...

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    This assassin hits her Mark 2

    Hot on the heels of the last piece of Dragon Age II DLC, Legacy, Mark of the Assassin has had a lot of hype around it given its attachment to 'Geek Icon' and actress Felicia Day (who is also starring in a Live action Dragon Age Webseries, Redemption, to tie into this DLC). Day's character, an Elven rogue named Tallis, sits at the heart of Mark of the Assassin, and whilst your enjoyment for Day's usual cheery acting may ultimately impact your feelings for the character, the story she is involved ...

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    A great piece of content that reminds me why I love Dragon Age 0

    Dragon Age II Legacy is the first major downloadable content for Dragon Age II. Simply put, I thought it was fantastic and the best DLC I’ve played so far this year (To be far, thats not that much). If you’re someone like me who enjoyed Dragon Age II, you'll love this.  It may still look brown but at least its not Kirkwall  First off I’d like to point out something really clever about the way Dragon Age II presents its story that hasn't really come up till now. Because it’s presented as a sto...

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    The Exiled Prince: Why couldn't he just stay that way? 1

    So DLC characters? Am I right? I mean ME2 has Zaeed, a totally pointless character without any real characterization...but Kasumi redeemed Bioware's character DLC for all, so has DA2 gone down this new, enlightened path? Has it transcended all other DLC that has come before it? it hasn't....if you thought it might have, go to your kitchen table, roll up the newspaper sitting on it, and smack yourself in the nose many might make you learn never to trust Bioware and DLC.Ok, so t...

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    Legacy is a story worth Telling 0

    Reviewer's Note: Some aspects of Dragon Age II's overall story (Act I's ending particularly) will be touched upon in this review, so spoilers beware! With Dragon Age II's first piece of Story DLC, Bioware set out to address some of the issues many disappointed fans had with the core game - mainly issues concerning the lack of variety in the vistas in and around the main location of the game, Kirkwall. Legacy manages to certainly hit a few of these issues and deal with them admirably, and whilst ...

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    Helpful DLC 0

    I really like this DLC pack, if the game came out without this it would be worse than it is.I'm glad I get free helper swag, the shops have some useful stuff later on for crafting, and the Sigh of the Maker is fantastic, but best of all is that damn mirror, I am very picky with the way my character looks, and being able to change it on a whim is awesome.But yeah, no quests attached to this, you get it right off the bat, just some good DLC....

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