Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 30, 2002

    A turn-based RPG (with gameplay mechanics from collectible card games) based on the Dragon Ball Z storyline of the Dragon Ball manga and anime. It is one of the last games released for the Game Boy Color.

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    Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (known in Japan as Dragon Ball Z: Densetsu no Chousenshi-tachi, the sub-title loosely translated to "Legend of Super Warriors") is a sci-fi fantasy turn-based RPG developed by Flight-Plan and published for the Game Boy Color in Europe (by Infogrames on June 30, 2002), Japan (by Banpresto on August 9, 2002), and North America (by Infogrames on November 8, 2002).

    Based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series, Legendary Super Warriors re-tells the entire Dragon Ball Z storyline (from the invasion of the Saiyans to the resurrection of the demon Majin Buu). The game is similar to collectible card games, as players earn cards to use for attacks, special techniques, and support items.

    Once players complete the game, they can replay missions from Story Mode (or battle random enemies using the unlocked Battle Mode) using any unlocked character. Players can unlock new characters (heroes and villains) by performing special actions (such as defeating that character with a particular character). The game can also be played in multiplayer via a link cable (but only after clearing one-third of the game).


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