Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre

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    A port of a beat em up/MMO RPG hybrid by NEXON for the Xbox 360

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    Dungeon Fighter Live for XBLA is a smaller version of the free-to-play original. Created as a massively multiplayer 2D beat-'em-up, the original title had over 200 million subscribers.

    Three classes will be playable upon launch; Gunner, Fighter and Slayer. Characters are usable through local multiplayer.

    Each dungeon is divided into three difficulties (Normal, Expert and Master) which are unlocked after the player has completed a quest from an NPC corresponding with that particular dungeon. The Layout of each level consists of multiple connected rooms that can only be exited once the player has cleared the room of all enemies. The main goal of the dungeon crawl is to find a path the the boss room and defeat the boss. After the boss battle is over you receive a rating for the level, F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS lowest to highest) this will effect the amount of experience you're rewarded.

    Being primarily a loot oriented game, each town hosts multiple NPC vendors to buy and sell items for each particular class. The vendors have no purchasing limit allowing players to use the large amount of dropped loot to their advantage. Crafting, item re-enforcement, and skill training are also in the town.


    The combat featured in DFLFHM is primarily beat-em-up style focused around class-specific skills and looted weapons. Each character has a basic attack (X button) that can be chained for combos and costs no MP to use. Otherwise each class has their own skill set that can be leveled up. Each skill is mapped to either the right trigger or the right bumper (items can also be mapped this way) combined with X, A, Y and B allowing a possible eight skills or items to be mapped at once. Skills however costs MP which is displayed under the heath bar and can be restored using recovery items or slowly over time. Damage that is done to enemies is displayed by a number that appears over the target each time it hits.


    Weapons also play a big role in the combat allowing different specs, skills, range, and effects based on the item. Weapons are also class and level specific and sorted by rarity as indicated by the color of the weapons name (white being common, light blue being uncommon, purple being rare and green being legacy). The physical and magical damage of each item are displayed in the items summary along with any added bonuses, durability rating and increase to character stats (strength, intelligence, etc.). Additionally, items found as random drops in the dungeons can also be used to fortify items allowing them to have higher durability and damage ratings. The amount of fortification depends on the the players level.


    The armor is classified into five main types; cloth, leather, light armor, and heavy armor. These types of armor are not class specific but each type is intended for a particular classes combat style. There are five armor slots for the player; shoulder, top, bottom, shoes and belt.


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