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Catch Big Air in Excitebike 64!
Catch Big Air in Excitebike 64!
The main game has you competing in various events ranging from bronze to gold difficulty, winning the bronze events unlocks the silver and winning the silver unlocks the gold. There are a wide range of tracks in the game, as well as lots of bonus tracks and options to unlock through competition completion. This game has since been succeeded by Excite truck for the Wii.

Bonus games (unlockable)

  • Excitebike Football(soccer) where you can play 1 on 1 with a friend to try and score in your opponents goal, using your motorbike to drive into a giant football.
  • Hill climb which is quite self explanatory
  • The original excitebike, as well as an updated 3D version!
  • There is also a cool level editor which enables you to make your own tracks, complete with jumps!


Jim Rivers from Seattle, Washington

Nickname "Jumpin Jim"

Ricky Stern from Los Angeles, California

Nickname "Tricky Ricky"

Sarah Hill from Miami, Florida

Nickname "Sarah Sugar"

Bobby Malone from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nickname "Big Dog"

Nigel York from London

Nickname "The Duke"

Vicky Steele from Houston, Texas

Nickname "Vicky Vixen"


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