N64 Classic - The Inevitable

Nintendo will make a N64 classic, despite what they say in the press. It's an inevitability. I can feel it in my bones.

Here's the 30 best games that I can reasonably expect to make it on retro console.

(And, yes, I'm still bitter that the SNES classic had 25 games. Thanks for asking.)

List items

  • While the passage of time has not been kind to 1080, it's still one of the definitive sports game on the system.

  • Okay, I know I'm already stretching here given that Banjo is owned by Rare (and subsequently Microsoft), but I would like to remind everyone that the two companies have worked together in the past. Given that this is a micro console that is not competing with Microsoft in anyway (especially since there are better versions of this game on the Xbone already), I think it could happen.

    Also what is an N64 game list without Banjo-Kazooie. I mean, really.

  • More ambitious yet not quite as magical sequel that still is one of the best 3D platformers out there.

  • Regardless of what I or anyone else feels about Blast Corps, it came out so early in the system's lifespan when so few games were out it became a hit. And when people think about the N64 today, they still think of Blast Corps.

  • The 3D bomberman games never quite lived up to their potential, but they sure were ambitious and I respect the hell out of them for that.

    Also, hey, this is the first 4 player game that was announced so I'll adress that elephant: yes, they should give you 4 controllers. No, they are not going to. Yes, they should at least make sufficient extra controllers to get 4 of them. No they're not going to.

  • I'm sure this will be the only cart racing game on this list. Surely.

  • Okay, I can't sugar coat it: Donkey Kong 64 is a fucking mess of a game. But, just like Donkey Kong Country 1, people would be pretty pissed if it didn't make the list. So here you go. Enjoy your 5 different colours of bananas.

  • It's a pretty good version of Dr. Mario. I'll give it that.

  • Excitebike 64 never got the love it deserved.

  • I'm still impressed on how well this game runs considering how limited the N64 was.

  • Another big problem with the N64 is not just the Rare library being so iconic on the system, but being owned by Microsoft, but that so many of the iconic games on the platform were licensed games.

    There is only a slim chance this game will ever be rereleased in its original state, but given how important this game was to the N64, it should definitely make its way onto the N64 Classic.

  • This game is a good Kirby game and the haters can go stand outside in the cold.

  • Duh.

  • I feel like Nintendo could fuck up and not include the better Zelda game on the platform, but they really shouldn't.

  • This series has barely changed since the original because it fucking knocked it out of the park the first time.

    Err... out of the course? Out of bounds? Into the parking lot? Whatever golf metaphor works better.

  • oops I lied

  • This is one of those times where I think Nintendo might just do the right thing and skip the inferior original for the better sequel. Why? Because they remember how many blisters and broken controllers people were getting from spinning the god damn stick with their palm in that first game.

  • Some people swear by the third game of the sereis, but they are mostly Waluigi fans.

  • I think it's really only been the most recent game in the series push from a sports game to more of a fighting game that has been a big enough departure from the original to shine on its own.

    All the other games are just this but shinier.

  • Hey, it's the only good game in this series! And it's fucking amazing! Why are all the games after it so much worse?!

  • Again, the rare package is pretty much in for a penny, in for a pound. And this was one of the last great multiplayer games of the system's lifespan.

  • Remember when the N64 launched with TWO games? And it was either this or Mario 64?

  • You should play Pokemon Snap and Nintendo should make a new Pokemon Snap.

  • Duh.

  • I mean, the debate on which Star Wars game to put here is its own fight. I just chose this one arbitrarily. Feel free to mentally replace it with another one.

    Except for Pod-racer.

  • Duh.

  • Duh.

  • Welcome to Dolphin Park.

  • Is there anything more 90's than worms?

  • Same as Kirby 64: Yoshi's Story rules, fuck the haters. Learn to only eat the melons, ya dingus.

    Now go listen to 30 minutes of Yo-Yoshi.