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Add image to Watercolor concept



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Please delete the image of Stephanie Brownback from Disney Fairies gallery. My copy/paste is being finnicky.

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I tried to edit a wiki game page replacing an image that was been used as main logo, but now the game main image is broken / blank and all the new images I add on the game aren't appearing on the image list.
Here is the link from the game "Mercenaries Land". Thanks!!!

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Hello! If someone with enough points could help, I'm the Community Manager for Wolcen Studio and the game's illustration has been changed a few months ago, which is a problem on Twitch for us of course.

The game page is this: https://www.giantbomb.com/wolcen-lords-of-mayhem/3030-53112/images/

The new default image is supposed to be this one: https://www.giantbomb.com/images/1300-3089931

Thank you, whoever you are <3

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The image I added for this game doesn't seem to display properly (or at all) on the Wiki page. Same goes for this release, for which I uploaded this image. These are both re-uploads of the respective images that I tried to re-add to the respective Wikis.

Haven't had this problem with previous games/releases I've added, so it's weird that it's happened twice recently...

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@daniel_djy: I would fix this for you, but I need a link to an image you would like it to be.

@wolcenstudio: Got it for you.

@timebias: Got both of those fixed, they appear to be showing up now.

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