So, is THIS game any good for a solo player?

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@bored_and_agitated: @ntm: That’s what my crew is doing. We haven’t played Destiny 2 since everyone saw through it’s endgame bullshit last year.

We’ve played a Nightfall or a story mission here and a public event there. We’re getting used to the new systems, but it seems that a lot of the shit that had us all jump ship has been remediated well enough.

When the expansion is on the cheap on Black Friday, we’ll hit the download button and give it a shot.

EDIT: Going forward, we’re working under the assumption that Destiny games will not be worth the time or money for the first year. If Bungie managed to release two half-assed Destiny games in a row that needed a year and an additional $40 investment to fix, maybe just wait and see what the word is on Destiny 3: Year 2.

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I dunno, other than the stuff you do with others this game easy? The story stuff I just breezed through with no problem and it's not like the story is interesting. I haven't hopped on the new thing because I think I'm fully off the Destiny train now but I wouldn't have lasted long if not for playing stuff with friends.