Welcome to Jason and Dan

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Heres the song I was singing while making spaghetti :

Jason and Dan

Dan and Jason

Dan is a guy

Jason is adjacent

Jason and Dan

Dan and Jason

Dan has a face

So does Jason

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I don't know you!! Oh, free candy? Well, then.... Welcome!

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Welcome guys, I just watched some of Dan and his dad stuff. It's pretty amazing, Giant Bomb will be better with you guys.

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Welcome! Gonna love hearing some fresh and new voices while also keeping all the great guys we have here already

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Welcome to the site dudes. Try to keep Brad awake, that's the main reason you were hired.

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Welcome! Just listened to the latest Bombcast and you all fit right in. Seamless as it were.... :)

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Welcome guys! I enjoyed your first Bombcast this morning, looking forward to seeing you all working together. I saw some of the negativity going on in other parts of the internet, but I'm glad all these duders are happy to welcome you!

Don't listen to the negativity, some people will never be happy.

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Welcome Dan and Jason.

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Gotta keep the hype train going.

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Welcome fellas, excited to see what you guys add to the site. I have high hopes. Godspeed new friends!

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Welcome @danryckert and jason !

Hope you guys enjoy it here!

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Hello and welcome. I don't know much about either of you, but I trust Giant Bomb to hire good people. Glad to have you both along with us.

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No one said anything about them having faces don't start such rumours.

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Welcome guys, hope the mess from earlier doesn't turn you away from the GB community.

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A Warm welcome to Dan and Jason!! Looking forward to enjoying your work on this great site!!!!

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Great to have you with us. Entire site has, quite logically, been anticipating who'd turn up to be the new hires. Judging from the podcast, it seems like you're going to fit right in.

While I doubt you'll personally read this, I hope that todays explosion of cloak and dagger wielding shitbags hasn't soured you on what I still consider a genuinely terrific community. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we hope you'll find means and desire to interact with the community, and ofcourse, that you enjoy your stay.

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You guys are awesome, you both seem like the perfect fit for Giantbomb! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you dudes!!

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I thinks it's fantastic that Dan and Jason are joining Giant Bomb, and I personally cannot wait for the eventual wrestling takeover that will surely happen.

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Welcome aboard!

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Been enjoying Dan on the Powerbombcast and his random OkCupid prank stories on past E3 live shows (think that was him). Don't know anything about Jason, but I'm excited to see them join and I'm hoping this leads to more and more awesome content. Welcome aboard, guys.

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Big welcome to the giant bomb community to Dan and Jason. Can't wait to see you both in action. I like the sound of both your voices on the podcast (no homo).

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Welcome aboard, fellas! I have quite enjoyed Dan's work in the past; he seems like a good fit for the site. And I'm sure Drew will appreciate some help on the video production side from Jason ;)

This video of Dan playing Tokyo Jungle with his dad is still one of my favorite things:

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Welcome, fellas.

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Almost forgot to say welcome, welcome! Happy Canada Day!

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I'm not familiar with Jason but I'm glad to have "Dirty" Dan Ryckert onboard. Giant Bomb needs at least one person on the staff with a Ribera jacket.

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This thread needs more posts than the other one!

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Oh wow, the GI boys know how to have fun - welcome!

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Welcome Jason and Dan! I don't know Jason, but he sounds pretty awesome. Love Dan's stuff from the GI days, and his appearances on the Powerbombcast. Looking forward to checking out that new Quicklook when it comes online.

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Definitely excited. They seem like good dudes and I enjoyed them on the bombcast. Can't wait to see them getting in on QLs and UPF and such. It seems like you found some dudes that will mesh with the existing staff well and won't take long to become accustomed to, which is awesome.

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The beginning of a new era! Can't wait to check out the new Quick Look tomorrow morning, that game is lots of fun and has plenty of dumb stuff in it. Great material for a QL.

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Welcome Dan and Jason!

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Both of the new guys seem super fucking rad and I'm really excited to ride the Giant Bomb train with them!

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Glad to have some new blood at GB, and it'll be good to have a chance for more wrestling chat at GB! Maybe Dan can use his mad wrestler whisperer skills to lure a WWE star in for a QL or something.

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Watching Dan's old videos, he clearly has a a great sense of humour and an appreciation of the silly ala Vinny/Ryan so I have no doubt he's a great fit :) Woot!

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@danryckert Jeff thinks the new Riff Raff album is pretty good. Just hoping he's aware of your chance encounter with Mr. Raff and his game design methods.

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Hey Jason and Dan, glad you both got hired! Hail glorious leader Jeff!

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Have always loved these guys, so hyped they joined Giant Bomb

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So I was at work and missed everything but from what I can extrapolate:

1. Two new people are joining are GB

2. People are mad about it

Can someone give me the Cliff Notes version of today's events?

PM'd you.

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Welcome guys! I think it's only fair to let everyone have some time to get more comfortable and familiar with each other to really judge the new dynamic. Can't wait to hear you all going at each other like on GOTY casts!

(PS. I'm a female fan and think that anyone who paid any real attention to Giant Bomb would know that of all the possible groups to accuse of misogyny and racism, the GB crew is obviously NOT a valid candidate. It's a small crew, they have specific needs, it's not inconceivable that this just happens to be the best fit. Going out of the way and making it a point to hire for "diversity" IS racist and misogynistic.)

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Honesty I don't know how Dan can top himself after reviewing fart apps with Peter Molyneaux. I'd say that his single greatest accomplishment on the interverse.

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Thanks, I actually looked at the other thread for a bit and decided I didn't want to know anymore.

Anyways, I welcome anyone willing to keep me entertained!

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Any man that crowdfunds a book called "I'm Better than Crowdfunding than Jose Canseco" will fit right in here. Welcome!

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A very warm welcome to Jason and Dan!!! Giant bomb ia only going to get better. Looking forward to al the stuff that the guys are going to make.

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Welcome, Jason and Dan! Don't let the fabricated shitstorm getcha down.

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Welcome Dan and Jason! I hope you preview your GOTY Blackwater with full live action Kinect gameplay.

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Welcome Dan and Jason! Other than hearing Dan's name from time to time on other podcasts, I knew nothing else about you guys. But after listening to the most recent Bombcast and looking up some of your previous work, you seem like a great fit for this site. I can't wait to see what you guys bring to the team. I'm sorry to hear about all this crazy nonsense that is happening right now but I'm sure it will pass eventually. In the meantime, keep being awesome and make some great content. GLHB!

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I look forward to getting to know both Dan and Jason's videogame tastes and interests.

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Can't wait for the Sniper Elite 3 QL!