Welcome to Jason and Dan

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Welcome you guys! super excited to see new faces in the office and to see what you guys are like on camera!

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Welcome future Duders! I'm looking forward to getting to know both of you, and seeing you guys on quick looks and UPF!

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Gotta wait to listen to the podcast, but welcome to the last bastion of SERIOUS GAMES JOURNALISM

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Welcome guys! I am so happy you guys are here to help the guys out and I look forward to you becoming part of my daily life. Especially Jason! More fighting game fans is pretty much my highest want.

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Welcome to GB, cant wait for more rasslin' and fighting talk.

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Welcome duders. I look forward to seeing what you will bring to the Bomb.

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Welcome to the website gentleman!

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G'day fellas! Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the ride :)

Glad to see so much going on with the beloved GB - between SF, Chicago and NY you guys are killing it!

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Welcome aboard, Jason and Dan! I'm excited at the prospect of more wrestling podcasts.

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Welcome duders!

I hope Jeff Is buying the drinks?

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Looking forward to what some new blood will bring to the site here. I think things will only get better and I'm really looking forward to it.

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If we get more of Dan's dad I'm pretty sure this will payoff quickly

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Dan was awesome on the Quick Look today so I'm excited.

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@development: Haha yeah, it's doubly funny that it's like the last game I would have expected his dad to kinda be into.

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Welcome to both! Can't wait to see what you'll contribute with to make the site even more awesome!

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Glad to have you guys on the site, welcome! Can't wait to see what gets cooked up.

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Jason likes Korra! Jason's ok in my book.

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Are they joining the office, or working out of it like Alex, Vinny and Patrick?

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@aarny91 said:

Are they joining the office, or working out of it like Alex, Vinny and Patrick?

They're in the office. It's a full crew again.

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I subbed to GI several years ago but never cared enough to see the people involved with the mag. I've heard of Dan in passing, but never put a face/personality to the name. After the podcast and the quicklook, I'm liking the new duders. I was wondering what GB would do once Vinny left for NY and even before Vinny's move it seemed like the crew was getting thin after Patrick's move. Good to see Giantbomb solidifying again with a good group of people. Best of luck to the new guys!

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I would like to say Welcome to both of you I loved your work at Game Informer and cannot wait for your content to start cropping up on GB. I for one think you both will bring something new to the team as well as complementing what is already here!

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Welcome to the team guys! Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Anyone who can share tales of surviving Reno is ok with me, welcome aboard newest duders!

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It's great to have you here, guys! Welcome!

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First Quick Look was pretty fun. Let's hope it's a taste of what's to come.

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Welcome to the party, guys!

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Welcome good sirs.

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Welcome to Jason and Dan! I look forward to what you'll bring to this site.

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Heard it today in the podcast. Welcome to both of you!

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Dan, Jason, welcome to the big screwed-up family that is Giant Bomb. Forget everything else going on, it's great to have some new faces/voices on the team and I highly look forward to seeing the content you put out.

I should peek at that new Quick Look right now...

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I look forward to Dan and Brad doing QL's together. I expect nothing but amazing stuff to happen.

Jason, welcome to GB!

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Welcome aboard duders. This is so freakin' awesome; Giantbomb and GI are basically my two favorite video game websites and now they have kinda combined into one.

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Welcome to Dan and Jason! Loving the QLs so far cant wait for more!

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Listened to the latest bombcast yesterday, great to have fresh meat. Welcome guys!!

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The chemistry between Jeff and Dan during that Sniper Elite 3 Quick Look already has me psyched and I can't wait for UF this week. Welcome Dan and Jason!

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The chemistry between Jeff and Dan during that Sniper Elite 3 Quick Look already has me psyched and I can't wait for UF this week. Welcome Dan and Jason!

everyone keeps saying this in excitement but we are forgetting that friday is a holiday. I would love a live show to break in Dan and Jason, but we may not get it this friday :-)

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You guys are dabest. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I've been a fan of Giant Bomb (and a subscriber!) for a long time and I don't want to let you guys or the crew here down. Looking forward to getting busy with the craziness. Drew's let me touch important, expensive things in the studio and I haven't broken anything yet.

For reals. Thanks again, guys.

Man, a live show would be pretty awesome. Too bad we're off on Friday...

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@wolfgame: I think Jeff said something about a possible Thursday stream during a mixlr broadcast? Not sure.

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Welcome dudes! Just listened to this week's Bombcast and watched the Sniper QL. I can't wait for new UPF's and the possibility of a new Endurance Run (maybe that's a little too optimistic).

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First qlook was great, Dan and Jeff are an awesome combo. Love the energy and sillyness Dan brings, those were very needed with Vinny out of the office. I hope Dan and Jason are both on UPF (maybe Drew and Jason can rotate like him and Vinny did) and the podcast every week, I think they're both great additions.

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Congrats guys, welcome to the club!

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Welcome Dan and Jason. Can't wait to see what you guys can do. Don't feel too much pressure, you guys will be great!

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Welcome Dan and Jason, the first QL and the podcast with them were awesome! Looking forward to the first live show with them on.

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Welcome aboard, you two. I don't really get what people were getting upset about (I've not read the site in the past couple of days), so I'm assuming it's because people thought GB was going to hire some random people instead of "friends of the site". Is that what people are upset about?

If so... sorry guys. GB is a small site. They are personality-driven. If it wasn't blatantly obvious that Dan was going to join the site then I don't know what to tell you. If you thought that any of us random fans had a chance, then... yeah. You've not been here long.

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@unastrike: Do a random live stream!

Anyways, welcome again man looking forward to having your work on the site.