Anime & Cartoon Megathread IV: We Must Limbo To Send This Thread On Its Way

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Welcome animeduders and other curious Giant Bomb forumites! Here's the thread where we talk about all the wonderful and/or horrible things about Japanese anime, manga, and the industry that makes them. Also we've decided to allow non-Japanese animated cartoons and comics for those who really want to talk about them outside of sister site Comic Vine.

I know what you're saying: "Anime is for jerks." But occasionally it can be really cool and fucking awesome, so if you want to chat about anime or are just trying to find something new to watch, this is the thread to do so, especially since GB has lower tolerance for creepers and shitposters than other forums.

Important Links/Questions:

MyAnimeList Club: Mostly dead, but if you want to know what shows we've watched and our completely subjective ratings on them, click through the profiles there. It's also a good website in general to keep track of which anime you've watched, are watching, or plan to watch. On a similar note, there is also Hummingbird, which is a more classy and detailed anime list site, and has some people who really care on the back-end. Please do not enter the forums in either site if you wish to keep your faith in humanity.

GBAD Steam Group: Like many Steam Groups, this one is also mostly dead except for the occasional post. Talk to @tobbrobb to make you a mod if you want to try making it active again. Or start your own club for anime duders who also occasionally play games because he's stopped caring. Whatever your choice, we'll support you in spirit. Apparently I am a mod of that group now, so talk to me about doing something with it. Maybe we'll stream some anime, games, or animegames. I'll keep everyone posted if I find the time to do so.

What Animes Would Dan Ryckert Like? Thanks to @bigjeffrey for starting that thread.

I'm new to anime, what should I watch? I'm really tired of answering this question, so here's a link to a list I made awhile back that will give you some starting points. Feel free to read it, or don't. [Anime Vice is dead and my list is gone with it] if you have a more specific request, then post it in the thread and we'll have some more specific recommendations for you.

What's cool that's airing this season? For Autumn 2015, check out:

  • ONE-PUNCH MAN (literally what it says in the title)
  • Lupin III (in San Marino and Italy!) (if you can find it)
  • Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
  • Concrete Revolutio (the "n" is silent, and missing) (still a good show)
  • Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- (CSI/Bones, but in Japan)
  • Subete ga F ni Naru ("The Perfect Insider") (A locked room mystery, actual not-light novel before it became anime so kind of good!)

Where do I watch them? All of the aforementioned shows can be found legally on sites like Crunchyroll, Funimation (sometimes carried through YouTube or Hulu), or Netflix depending on who snapped up the license in your territory. Otherwise, Google it or wait for the official DVD/Bluray release to drop in your neighborhood.

Also, check out to search for which anime is streaming on which site. Please note it may not be accurate outside of the US in some cases.

So...about those anime-fightan games? You're better off not watching the anime adaptations. Trust me.

No Caption Provided

Having said that, me and several others here are up for some BBCP or P4U2, UNIEL or GGXrd action, as long as you have a PS3 and a decent internet connection.

What rules do you have? NO DISCUSSION OF OR ANY LINKS TO ILLEGAL STREAMING/DOWNLOADING SITES. They are not allowed and the mods may put you down Old Yeller-style if you post them. Also, please put all spoilers in spoiler tags when necessary. It shouldn't have to be said, but respect the standard GB Forum rules and don't be a jerk.

With that said, the floor is now open for discussion. May Haruhi, Madoka and the other Kami watch over us all.

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I started the first episode of Soul Eater.


That's all I feel like saying right now.

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I started watching Shippuden after that QL with Alex and Vinny. Apparently there are 240+ more episodes on Hulu. Jiraiya and Itachi just died. Does the quality keep up or does the show lose its sense of focus?

Holy crap, I did not realize I already watched two major filler arcs. Now I'm wondering if I should skip the rest like I usually do or actually watch them.

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@frostyryan: It's good! I promise! The first few episodes are a prologue to establish the characters.

Denki-Gai and Shirobako continue to be solid anime.

Is anyone watching Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru? Is it worth it? I know it's written by the guy who did Akame ga Kill!, so the saccharine descriptions and pictures are probably big fat red herrings for the latent violence....

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Watching the 2014 Fate/Stay Night now. I started with the prologue episode, which was wholly unnecessary, but I think I'm on board after having watched episode 1. I hope they start explaining things soon.

I've also started watching Planetes. The MAL page for it says Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi, so I was expecting a serious and somber show. Turns out it's a comedy more than anything. Even though it wasn't what I was expecting it's still pretty good so far. Perhaps it gets more serious further in.

Lastly, since this is a new thread, I shall state that I'm over here on that MAL shit. Just saying. It's not like I want you to add me or anything. Baka~.

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Video Games! Uh, I mean, Anime!

Or, considering that Sega show is a thing...both?

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#7 Posted by Justin258 (15690 posts) -

I really liked Psycho-Pass and I'm waiting for the dub of Season 2. And I'm rewatching Baccano.

Oh, and I bought Redline on Blu-Ray and that movie is fucking nuts and you guys need to watch it.

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I like watching my classic (sort of) collection e.g. Bleach, One Piece, etc

Lucky enough I'm playing it too haha :)

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Thinking about finally watching Serial Experiments Lain this weekend. Will come back and post thoughts if I can pull myself away from horror films long enough to watch it all.

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  • Mushishi starts soon...which is nice.
  • Koe no Katachi continues to be phenomenal...which is nice.
  • Season 2 of Log Horizon, Psycho Pass, and Chaika are all chuggin' along very nicely...which is...nice.
  • Red Chaika is best Chaika...which is true.
  • Parasyte and Bahamut are both really good new shows so far...which is nice.
  • Still not sure what I think of Re-tortilla Gundam G or whatever it's called...which is not nice.


Penguindrum was dope wasn't it?

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#11 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (2094 posts) -

Woah. New thread.

Well, I've been watching FMA Brotherhood and Psycho Pass 2.

Also recently re-watched Sword of the Stranger, and even wrote a little thing about it. It's pretty great, in case you are wondering!

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#12 Posted by BillyMaysRIP (738 posts) -

@sunbrozak: Recommend watching it at night with the lights off. The best experience is clearing your day and watching all 13 episodes uninterrupted with nothing to block you from fully engrossing yourself into the anime. There's so much amazing stuff going on in Serial Experiments Lain. The sound and music is top-notch, and that shit makes you think. The animation quality is also great for a show that came out in '98.

It's not really scary, more unsettling - the entire show left me with a strong sense of unease. I spent most of the 90s watching Gundam and DBZ - then Cowboy Bebop, NGE, and Serial Experiments Lain came out and I learned that anime could be something special.

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Yo guys I don't post here much but goddddang this show is nice. Give it a try please.

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So we did make a new thread after all. Probably for the best. I honestly haven't been watching a whole lot of anime as of late. Hunter X Hunter has been in back of my mind for a while, and I think it just ended. Probably a good time to get into it. (Yu yu hakusho is one of my favorites! So, hopefully if I liked that I'll like the former.) Besides that I still need to finish Mahouka. A show I started out not liking, but somehow turned around on. :/ (Go figure)

And of course I'm slowly still catching up on One Piece. I'm right in the thick of Punk Hazard and trying to remind myself every episode that most of the characters didn't used to look so weird. I love the show dearly, but I wouldn't blame anyone for passing it over just based on how the characters look as of now.

Naruto shippuden is also on the catch up list, since it's ending relatively soon. Like one piece, I've had a long history with Naruto and have been watching it for years. Despite some of it's problems I still plan on sticking it out to the end.

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I did some soul searching and discussion with someone who first watched the series when they were in grad school (as opposed to middle school, like I did), and I've come to a sobering conclusion that Evangelion might not actually be that great. I fucking LOVED the show when I was in middle/high school, but I worry it might not hold up all that well this many years later.

I still want to believe, though :(

PS: The thing that first started me down this path of thought was watching Eren in Attack on Titan and thinking "Holy shit, Shinji had it EASY"

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#16 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

Naruto 696: Not gonna lie, I am really looking forward to playing this fight in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Also, we seriously have three chapters left.

One Piece 764: Great chapter. More background on Law and Rosinante is good, plus a little more info on the "D".

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#17 Posted by Bocam (4099 posts) -

@hamst3r: That show was kinda made for the people who watched Fate/Zero first and UBW is the second route in the game so if you want explanations you might have watch Zero or read a summary of the first route

@starvinggamer: There's only one filler arc worth watching as it was written by the guy who does the manga (it starts at 347 I think) the rest you can easily skip. Here's a list

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#18 Posted by Hamst3r (5480 posts) -

@bocam: I'm watching the 2014 show first per recommendation of the MAL forums. They say Fate/Zero spoils all of the plot twists in Fate/Stay Night. I'll eventually see all of it. :D

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#19 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

@bocam: Yeah, I was just surprised that i didn't immediately realize they were filler arcs because they managed to tie them to the overall plot and actually exhibited some character growth. I'll take your advice though if for no other reason than just so I can get through it all quicker.

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Didn't see there was a new thread. Guess I'll ask here too.

I've fallen off my anime watching when school started after getting really into it this summer. What are the must watch things this season? The only thing I remember I want to watch is Psycho Pass 2.

Also, I have 48 hour guest passes for Crunchyroll I should probably get rid of. I have 3 of them Anyone who wants one PM me.

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#21 Posted by JimiPeppr (609 posts) -

I'm still catching up with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but I'm gonna go ahead and declare that it is my favorite anime. It's funny, has great action, the voice acting is amazing (that's the first time I've said that about a Japanese-language thing... I don't speak Japanese), and the music fits really well. Plus they keep it fresh by having characters constantly being added or taken out. The good guys are good, but also badass; the bad guys are bad and also badass; watch it.

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Im almost done with Kill la Kill and I love it.

Ping-pong is really good for anybody who liked Tekkon kinkreet, it's the same creator.

I watched Hi-sCool! Seha girls last night, and oh man is that stuff weird.

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#23 Posted by DocHaus (2771 posts) -

@negativecero: as I wrote earlier...

What's cool that's airing this season? For Fall 2014, because I was too busy to make one of those capsule preview blogs I do sometimes: check out Chaika the Coffin Princess, Inou Battle ("When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace"), Parasyte and Psycho-Pass.

@jimipeppr: I'm just smiling at all these classic alt-rock references being shoved into each character, and how they all enunciate what they plan to do while they do it. It's so wonderfully "old-school" in both senses of the term.

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#24 Posted by NegativeCero (3158 posts) -

@dochaus: Whoops, but thanks all the same.

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#25 Posted by Bocam (4099 posts) -

@hamst3r: The only twist Zero spoils is something that is immediately obvious as soon as you meet said character.

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@bbalpert: Don't worry Eva is still great.I know I have watched it again not that long ago and the Rebuilds even sooner. The thing with Eva, though, is that you can like Eva for many reasons but not all those reasons hold up even during the show itself.

Eva fandom has a pyramidal shape because of that. There are those who like the show until the ending. Those who also like the ending but hate End of Eva with passion and don't even mention Rebuild. Then those who like End of Eva but still no to Rebuild. Then there are the lone few people like myself who like everything.

Eva is still about the only show that can appeal to such a splintered base because there is just so much there to like about. Now if the show would still hold up to you really depends on why you liked it in the first place. Those reason but not hold up on further viewing.

Some shows like that Attack on Titan example have done some aspects of Eva better. That was not really the best example because I would argue End of Eva as being at least as messed up if not way more than anything Attack on Titan has.

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#27 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

I may have started to watch shows about girl bands in high school.

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#28 Posted by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

I've been trying to watch Legend of Galactic Heroes lately since I've meant to get around to it for years now, but it might be a bit too dated. That opening theme...

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#29 Posted by Animasta (14948 posts) -

Anime is the worst

(also I'm rewatching Steins;Gate for about the third time after replaying the game for a second time, but this time in ENGLISH)

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#30 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

@negativecero: While it is from last season you should watch Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun if you haven't. It is so good.

@bigmess: I am glad you are liking it. It is pretty awesome. You should tell @zombiepie how cool it is too. He always enjoys talking about that show.

@animasta: I actually think I am going to play the game myself. I don't like the idea of playing a visual novel scares me. I don't know if I want to cross that line.

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#31 Posted by rubberluffy (788 posts) -

Getting in early to tell people to watch Hunter x Hunter (2011) and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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#32 Posted by Animasta (14948 posts) -

@daveyo520: the only thing scary about steins;gate is that it's effing long.

I know everything about it and it still took me 20 hours

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so finally saw kill la kill and id say its better than gurren lagan but still sleazy as fuck...

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#34 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

@azrailx: I'll take it. I think I have gone back to liking GL better myself after rewatching it but KlK is still great.

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#35 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15748 posts) -

I did not much care for where Kill La Kill ended up, but I fully accept that I'm in the minority here.

Also I'm sort of watching Psycho Pass? That's a show that the kids like, right?

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#36 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -
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#37 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15748 posts) -

@arbitrarywater: I watched it not too long ago and it was pretty good.

Psycho Pass or Kill La Kill? Because I like what I've seen of Psycho Pass and its Minority Report-esque premise, but I think Kill La Kill gets really, really, really stupid and sort of trashy by the end of its run.

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#38 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

@arbitrarywater: Both but I meant Psycho Pass. Ya all I could think of was Minority Report the whole time but I still liked it and it is just different enough.

As for Kill la Kill I like the stupid.

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#39 Posted by TobbRobb (6588 posts) -

Info about the steam group since I am specified as a source for it:

  • We have one
  • No one is there
  • I'm an admin but I forgot I was
  • Don't actually ask me anything because I haven't checked that or the thread in months
  • Unless it's an admin thing because I guess I could do that
  • Or if you wanna talk about something that isn't the group which I know nothing about
  • Like I dunno other anime or cheese, feel free to ask about cheese

Btw, Shirobako is very amusing if you have any knowledge or interest in the behind the scenes of creating Anime. Even with my limited perspective it's been great fun so far.

@arbitrarywater Psycho Pass is highly recommended. Slow start, but it definitely goes places. Also Kill la KIll was extremely inconsistent in quality and the ending is one of the worst parts. Though I liked it overall, you can't really hate something with a unique personality like that. And it was so over the top in some great ways. XD

I've also been reading the VN Grisaia instead of watching it, which maybe so far hasn't been the best use of time. It's pretty amusing, but I haven't seen a route yet that made me invested enough that I couldn't just have watched the anime instead. And it's not interesting enough that I'd watch it now having already read most of it. Though maybe some of the other routes are amazing, we'll see.

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Penguindrum was dope wasn't it?

I totally agree.

Survival Strategy!
Survival Strategy!

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#42 Posted by Crembaw (894 posts) -

I've been woefully underperforming on my anime consumption as of late. I should probably not fix that.

Since it's Anime and Cartoons I'll go ahead and throw out that I recently shotgunned all of Legend of Korra. I've actually enjoyed most of it, including the much-maligned Season 2 - with the caveat that watching it all at once must be a worlds-apart experience to waiting week-over-week only to be bombarded with Teeangery.

Season 3, though, was really something else. They managed to make really interesting, and honestly quite threatening villains, even if they may have individually been a whole magnitude of power beneath S2's antagonist in raw strength. I thought the Buddhist and Anarchist elements that Zaheer continually cited were interesting, and though the plot could have engaged with them a bit more, they were infinitely more compelling motivations than '10,000 Years of DARKNESS!'

I'm interested to see where S4 goes, now that I'm able to watch it week over week with the rest of the viewers. There's potential for things to be a lot more morally grey than the previous seasons, and the stage seems set for some fun (if somewhat basic) political chicanery.

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#43 Posted by ZombiePie (7471 posts) -

@animasta said:

@daveyo520: the only thing scary about steins;gate is that it's effing long.

I know everything about it and it still took me 20 hours

The biggest misconception about Steins;Gate is that it is a completely self-contained story. It's actually the second "movement" of the Science Adventure series. The first one being Chaos;Head, and the third/final being Robotics;Note. I was never a fan of Chaos;Head, but I certainly recommend Robotics;Note for anyone who enjoyed Steins;Gate.

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#44 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

@zombiepie: Are the other stories like super related? Would knowing the other thing flesh out the SG universe more and such?

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#45 Posted by jiggajoe14 (1822 posts) -

I've been trying to watch Legend of Galactic Heroes lately since I've meant to get around to it for years now, but it might be a bit too dated. That opening theme...

Loading Video...

It's a slow burn, but after 25-30ish episodes the show hits its stride and then goes to another level. Also, My Conquest Is The Sea Of Stars summarizes the first 2 episodes much better than the actual first 2 episodes of the shows (goes more in-depth).

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Yay for new thread! And what better way to celebrate than with a poll!

Most Attractive Male and Female seiyuu as Voted on by 10,000 Japanese Fans TOP 20! (as of October 2014 by Charapedia)

1Hanazawa Kana19131Miyano Mamoru2075
2Amamiya Sora9062Suzuki Tatsuhisa1614
3Minori Suzuko8213Ono Daisuke1470
4Kayano Ai6154Kaji Yuuki1166
5Sawashiro Miyuki5705Kamiya Hiroshi1156
6Numakura Manami5666KENN992
7Inoue Marina5527Aoi Shouta800
8Tomatsu Haruka5288Shimazaki Nobunaga715
9Mizuki Nana5229Shimono Hiro460
10Uchida Maaya50710Nakamura Yuuichi436
11Chihara Minori46411Fukuyama Jun436
12Ogura Yui39812Tsuda Kenjirou430
13Asakura Azumi38613Eguchi Takuya418
14Taketatsu Ayana34514Hosoya Yoshimasa397
15Sakamoto Maaya30615Kakihara Tetsuya390
16Kobayashi Yuu28216Sakurai Takahiro383
17Tamura Yukari26917Toriumi Kousuke319
18Shimoda Asama25218Suwabe Junichi270
19Paku Romi19219Ono Kenjou269
20Takahashi Chiaki19120Yusa Kouji255

So, HanaKana wins by a landslide. Not surprising at all considering that she's like in every fucking show from the start of the year till now. I'm glad Sawashiro Miyuki made it into the top five and Paku Romi making the list, albeit barely. Surprise absence goes to Hayami Saori, who has also been in a ton of shows lately. Bummed that Koshimizu Ami didn't make the cut. I don't care if she has weird buck-teeth when she smiles. Look at this face and tell me if she's not a looker:

No Caption Provided

The men's department is a lot more even on the votes until position nine. Miyano Mamoru wins as expected. His public image has been pretty impeccable and his marriage seems to have boosted his popularity instead of the other way around. Friends and frequent co-stars OnoD and Kamiya Hiroshi both rank in the top five. Onii-sama Nakamura Yuuichi ties with FukuJun and makes it into the top ten on a technicality. Everyone's favourite douche bag Sakurai Takahiro ranks in at 16th.NEW THREAD. WOO

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#47 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

@zomgfruitbunnies: So I was watching Parasyte and totally realised that the girl the MC likes was the main character of Psycho Pass. Now before when I was watching Nisekoi I totally realised that best girl™ Onodera was Nadeko from the Monogatari series. But now, now it is blowing my mind that those two groups are actually the same. I don't know why I didn't realise it before. Jeez she voices everything.

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#48 Posted by TobbRobb (6588 posts) -

@zomgfruitbunnies: Where is my mancrush Sugita? I can't go a day without hearing him do the same amazing voice for every character. Get some taste Japan. <3

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I haven't watched anything in about 6 months as I've turned my focus to manga.

What's the funniest show of the past season? This season?