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In life, George was a wandering homeless man who paid for his meals and his beds by playing his harmonica. However, he was never satisfied, always feeling hungry, and despite the vast amount of food he ate, he only got thinner and thinner as the years went on. While reading his story, Johnson theorizes that he had an undiagnosed tapeworm. George's hunger didn't just apply to food either, once spending an entire night performing oral sex on a beautiful young woman. Ultimately, George grew so hungry that he tried to eat his beloved harmonica, which was lodged in his throat. A short time later his dead body was found, partially cannibalized as George had finally become so ravenous that he'd attempted to eat himself
George then inexplicably went to hell, despite being a good man, and his unique form of death so impressed Fleming, the lord of demons, that he transformed George into a powerful demon and made him one of his personal lieutenants. In this monstrous form, George is virtually indestructible, and uses enormous blades worn on his arms to eviscerate his enemies, while his old harmonica, now grafted onto his face, plays a dissonant tune in time with his breathing, described by Johnson as sounding like "a cat having sex with a harmonica, and not the consensual kind." The only way to harm George is to detonate a Light Barrel right next to him, which will stun him and make his head vulnerable to attack for a short time. After fighting him, Garcia and Johnson read about George's life and death in the book "The Man Who Never Had His Fill".
After George is defeated, the hand of Fleming appears out of a netherportal and whisks him away somewhere, as Fleming looks after his lieutenants. The next time Garcia encounters George, the demon tears out and eats his own heart, inexplicably giving him the power to transform into a non-human form, that of a man with the head of a goat with a Dark Core on his back. Fortunately, the horse (with the head of a man) that George summons and rides in battle has the habit of farting out pools of Darkness that allow Garcia to damage the Dark Core, and then damage the weak spot on the horse's stomach. When the horse is slain, George eats its heart too, transforming into a giant covered in Cores. Garcia makes quick work of him in this form too, and then George is brought to his knees. Since Fleming only allows his lieutenants to fail him once, the defeated George is swiftly decapitated by one of the Sisters Grim, ending his story once and for all.

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