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    Giant Squid

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    A gigantic dweller of the deep; this creature has been featured in many video games, movies, stories, and legends. Beware, when a giant squid is near, for death (or fun) follows.

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    The giant squid is often portrayed as a blood thirsty creature, lurking in the unexplored depths of the sea, looking to extract vengeance upon humans. It may be that the mythical Kraken was based on real giant squids being drawn up from the depths by anchors and fishing lines. The truth about giant squids isn't as cool as the legend, but it is awesome in it's own right. It is believed that these enormous cephalopods are generally shy by nature. They live in deeper waters and are fed on by whales. However, from examination of sperm whales and others much similar, markings matching those that would be caused by a squid of gigantic proportions have often been found. This mean whales and giant squids do battle in the greatest unexplored regions of the ocean. That is definitely awesome. 
    In the video game realm, giant squids often find a place in the role of a villain. They occupy water levels (of course) and are to be feared. In the realm of Mario and Luigi, there dwell huge "Bloopers" (also known as Gooper Bloopers). Some of these creatures reach a size so large they cannot be contained on the screen. In Endless Ocean: Blue World , you face a giant squid and must bypass it to reach your goal. Even in Dragon Quest VIII you go head to head with a Giant Squid character. 
    The giant squid has played a huge role in video game history. This creature digs up great fears about the unknown that lies just off our shores. It may not be the most fearsome creature, but the giant squid still can invoke a sense of danger. In some ways, this mighty being is an underdeveloped character of the video game industry.


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