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Glenn Quagmire, or just referred to Quagmire is everyone's closest neighbour that lives next door to his best friends Peter , Joe and Cleveland with their wives and children.

Quagmire is currently a single guy living in his own house and an expert ladies' man ready to hit on or have sex with any woman in the world, even having a soft spot for his best friend's wife Lois and even being rapist to their daughter Meg best known to his catchphrase (are you 16 yet?!), truly loves Asian Woman as well and his main catchphrase is 'Giggity or Giggity Giggity Doo'.

Quagmire is an Ace Pilot that his main job and occupation in life that he works in an Airport and flies a plane to take his passengers all around in America and he is also known to be a professional Sailor that he took his job seriously following his father Dan Quagmire's (since he a had sex change into a woman and changed his identity to Ida Davis) footsteps.

Quagmire is childhood best friends with Peter and even along with his circle of friends Joe and Cleveland normally hang with out to share their wacky adventures and even drinking at the Drunken Clam with their fellow bartender Jerome. As Quagmire gets along with his neighbours so well, he has a hatred relationship with his best friend's dog Brian as he told the truth about Brian being a pathetic alcoholic bore and worst things he's done in the past. Both of them have a thing in common being rapists for hitting on woman as Quagmire strongley dislikes Brian for stealing his former lover actress Cheryl Tiegs and slept with his father Ida Davis.


Despite of Quagmire and Brian for hating each other, both of them become frenemies as time passes when his black best friend Cleveland moved into Virginia.


Significant Others:


As Quagmire is an expert ladies man, he's been in many relationships with women in the past such as: Lois Griffin, Meg Griffin, Tricia Takanawa, Loretta Brown, Bonnie Swanson, Cheryl Tiegs or many more.





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