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    A series of Japanese RPGs developed by Game Arts.

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    Series Themes

    The Grandia series frames its games around the hero's journey: Justin and Yuki's exploration of the unknown in Grandia I & III, and Elena's pilgrimage in Grandia II. Eventually the protagonists discover a primordial force which, if unleashed, will end all life on the planet.

    Series Gameplay

    Grandia games employ a pseudo-real time battle engine. Every participant in battle appears on an action bar, and the time they take to move up the action bar until they can act is based on their speed. Once they choose an action they have to wait an additional amount of time before they can take that action. Using a heavy attack on a character while they are in this state will cancel the action and push them back down the action bar.

    As in most RPGs characters can gain character levels, but they also gain skill levels in the weapon they are equipped with and the magic they use. The more they use an attack of a specific element or weapon type the more they will level it up, making it more powerful, quicker to activate, and unlocking higher level skills.


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