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New obsessions with old things.

Sega Saturn motherfucker!

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  • Lets me save a bunch of stuff & play imports/games that require memory expansion.

  • Totally Wipeout. I wish I still had my old PS1 version to compare the two versions, but it feels like I remember. I spent far more time with the second game though. (Came bundled with console.)

  • This game has cool music. I have never been the biggest VF fan and it seems fine for what it is. AI can be brutal even on easy and there's a weird underwater fight at the end. It has cool music still. (Came bundled with console.)

  • Man, old racing games are hard to go back to. The laps go on foreeeeeever and it's hard to see what is coming up on the track. It's mad to see Damon Hill as a selectable driver... old games eh?

    It has some kinda awesome guitar solo-age on the title screen though, the kind I'd never associate with dull old F1. (Came bundled with console.)

  • Really basic platformer which seems to only have about eight or nine levels. Very dull, very floaty and has some really annoying music. I had seen a lot of love for the game, and it is often recommended as a must own for the system. I think it is terrible. (Came bundled with console.)

  • "Welcome to the party pal" "Welcome to the party pal" "Go on, Get the hell outta here" "Yippie Ki-Yay" "welcome to the party pal"... Dear fake Bruce Willis YOU HAVE RUINED THIS PARTY PAL! (Came bundled with console.)

  • What a gorgeous looking game. There's really nothing quite like the atmosphere and world they created for this series. The opening level where you are flying over the sea amongst the ruins with the orchestral score playing is magical. I think I prefer this game to Zwei.

  • Such a unique atmosphere. there really is nothing quite like the world in these games. PDZ is a gorgeous game with some amazing music and brilliant designs. I am stuck on the third boss at the minute though.

  • 90 minutes... Not a clue. I tried explaining Nights to someone that doesn't play games, it was like describing being insane.

  • played the first world. It's a nice looking game with some pretty cool music, I'd like to play a bit more of it. It seems quite slow paced and makes me want to play Origins a lot more.

  • Had to buy a Japanese version as it wasn't released in Europe and the US versions seem to be a bit expensive now. played through almost the whole game in one sitting. Astal is an incredibly beautiful game, it has these huge nicely animated sprites, it reminds me a little of Muramasa on the wii visually. Cool animated sequences, a bird sidekick and the most gorgeous seriously, some of the best music I have ever heard in a video game before. Sega really were at the top of their game once upon a time.

  • wonderful, wonderful game that I have been really interested in for a long time. After a conversation where I was reminded of the game I started thinking about getting a Saturn. The game is about £50 now and it's only four levels and has some serious camera issues due to the lack of a second stick, but the creativity shines through, wonderful designs, interesting mechanics, cool bosses and the best soundtrack. God damn it Sega How have you managed to fuck it up so badly.

  • I have the European version of this entitled Shinobi X which is the best version available due to the fantastic music. It's a little like that Batman Forever game where they used digitized actors, but isn't shit. It's really rather enjoyable and a pretty damn decent Shinobi game that both controls well and has some cool enemies and bosses, even if they're sometimes super goofy like in a lab where you fight a giant dinosaur head.

    Oh, and theres FMV story sequences between levels that play out like a lost episode of Power Rangers... It is probably the best thing you will ever see.

  • Holy shit! What a fantastic shooter, possibly one of the best I have ever played. Some fantastic music, amazing boss design and a really unique uber-weapon that is the CRAW laser. It's a little short, but is nails-hard and hugely enjoyable.

  • So, this is possibly the weirdest movie game I have ever played. It really helps that I've seen the Do You Remember Love? movie because without it it would just be a confusing mess. As a game that follows the story of the movie it's pretty damn similar with some pretty long FMV taken directly from the movie between levels, and some voice over on a collection of still shots. It's all in Japanese, but the story is pretty simplistic anyway.

    As for the game and its absolutely wonderful presentation it's a spaceship shooter where you can turn into a jet, a mech and some kind of half jet mech thing... a mejetch.

    Sometimes you have to dodge enemies without weapons or fire a guided missile into a collection of enemies, but for the most part it's a pretty simplistic side scrolling (mostly) shooter. The fact that it takes the orchestral soundtrack from the movie, and more importantly plays the theme song over the final battle really make this special if you like the movie.

    The weirdest thing is that when it wants you to put in disc 2 it just dumps you into a screen that says "Insert the other disc" and that just resets the console which probably means you could start the game from the halfway point if you wanted.

  • I don't like this game at all. It has really annoying music, but the huge sprites are very nice. I like that there is a wide variety of ships to choose from and they all play differently, but the shooting feels weak and losing all of your powerups upon death make it a little too hard to recover sometimes.

  • It's like a horizontally scrolling Parodius, but is a lot more fun with some gorgeous visuals, but like Parodius it has super annoying music. It is a far, far more enjoyable game though.

  • So, the Saturn version of this game is supposed to be arcade perfect and a lot harder than the Mega Drive version because it runs a lot faster. It is pretty tough, I can't make it to the end, but it has that old Sega arcade awesomeness. It has this electronic Top Gun-ish music which is absolutely fantastic. I sat with the attract mode on for about half an hour so it seemed like my room was an arcade... man, that music!

  • I wish I liked this game more. It's batshit insane and is very clearly not a "real" Die Hard game. The fact that they thought a game where you pick up grandfather clocks, fire rocket launchers into people at point blank range and fist fight four legged mechs could have the Die Hard name attached to it in the west is almost admirable.

  • I acquired this due to some posting error. I hear it has fantastic music. Unfortunately it is all in Japanese so I won't have a clue what's going on in it.

  • fightyfightyfight-fight

  • Probably one of the funniest games ever made. Makes the acting in the first Resident Evil seem Oscar-worthy.

  • Planned purchase.

  • Planned purchase.

  • Planned purchase.