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One of the best FPS you will ever play.

The gameplay in Halo is one of the best you will see ever in a game. In halo you play through the eyes of a character known as the Master Chief. The combat in Halo is challenging and never gets old because the enemy AI is so good that the enemies react in a lot of different ways depending on the situation. If there's a vehicle nearby, they might get into it. If you blast a volley of glass shards at them from the needler or if their shields are low, they'll likely run behind a rock and hide. If one is close to death, expect him to rush into close quarters and attempt to hit you to death with his gun. Or one might lob a grenade at you from behind a column or provide covering fire for an ally attempting to move around to attack you from behind. And your marine allies are just as smart. If you hop into the Warthog jeep and a marine is nearby, he will jump in back and man the machine gun turret. If there is another marine is there, he'll climb in and ride shotgun. The marine AI is so lifelike that sometimes you'll find yourself assisting them, instead of the other way around. During the game you can carry only two weapons at a time in Halo, a realistic touch but that lends a nice strategic elements. This forces you to choose wisely which weapons you pick up from fallen foes and allies and to learn each weapon well. There are a couple of vehicles you will control during the game, like the Warthog jeep, the Ghost hovercraft, the Scorpion tank, or the Banshee attack craft. The levels in Halo are huge and your goals will change as events happen around you. Overall the gameplay in Halo is really brilliant and has really good gameplay features. The control in Halo is excellent. The vehicle control in halo can take awhile to get used to but won’t take long to master.

The graphics In Halo is really stunning; the game is full of huge environments that are packed with eye candy. One of the good graphical showcases in halo is if you walk up close to a marine, and you'll notice that the visor on his helmet reflects light too. Another graphical showcases is if you throw a grenade outside, the explosion from the grenade will send up a cloud of dust. Overall the graphics in Halo is really good part of the game and has a lot of eye candy.

The sound in Halo is really good; halo has outstanding sound effects, solid voice acting, and exceptional soundtrack. The game's soundtrack ranges from the ghostly opening vocal track to a guitar playing. The games sound effects are really good ranging from the sound of an overheating plasma rifle to the explosion of a grenade. Overall the sound for Halo is really good part of the game.

The value for Halo is brilliant; the games AI will bring you back to play the same levels again and again to see what the AI does. The games will take around 10-20 hours to finish and longer if your going to play on the higher difficulties. The game levels can be huge and take 5 minutes minimum to finish. Overall the value for halo is brilliant and has good replay value.

Overall experience
Overall if you are a fan of first person shooters you should pick this game. It has great gameplay, graphics, good sounds and value and is out on the PC if you haven’t got an Xbox.

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