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    An R.P.D. Officer who plays minor roles in both Resident Evil Outbreak games.

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    Outbreak: File 1

    Harry appears in the first scenario available to the player, Outbreak, during the end with two fellow officers trying to control an impeding horde of zombies. While trying to deploy a bomb, the zombies manage to overcome the railings in place and kill Eric and Elliot, the other two officers, while Harry himself is wounded. When the player characters arrive, Harry begs that they finish the job with the bomb because he's too cowardly to try. Even though he doesn't aid the player himself, he will at least give them his fully loaded 9mm handgun.

    Outbreak: File 2

    In File 2, Harry plays a much smaller role. He appears during the end of the Desperate Times scenario in a truck at the entrance of the R.P.D. Precinct along with Rita, pressuring the player characters to get on quickly. They do so, though Marvin Branagh, a fellow R.P.D. officer who was holding off the horde, is left to perish as Harry is spooked by a zombie that attacks the driver window.

    Harry isn't encountered again and is believed to be one of the few R.P.D. officers who survives the Raccoon City ordeal, within the Outbreak games canon at least. Harry can also be unlocked as a character skin in Outbreak File 1--and can be ported to File 2--who plays over the skill/animation set of Jim Chapman.


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