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    Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Aug 30, 2012

    The fourth home-release in the popular Project DIVA series and the first to see international release. The game features new mechanics, as well as the usual changes in songs, modules and collectables.

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    Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F is a rhythm game developed by Sega starring Miku Hatsune and other Vocaloid characters. Originally released in Japan in 2012, it was released in North America on August 27th, 2013. The game was released for both the PS3 and Vita in Japan. Only the PS3 version was made available at the initial North American launch, but the Vita version was released in March of 2014.


    Music Gameplay

    Similar to other rhythm games, as a song plays, button prompts will appear on the screen. The player must press the correct buttons in time with the music. Arrow icons may also appear, requiring the player to press both the required face button and the indicated direction on the control pad. Prompts that lead into trails indicate that the button needs to be held down. When star marks appear, the player must tilt the control stick, or on the Vita slide fingers on the touch screen.

    Songs also typically contain a Technical zone which grants a point bonus if every input made while in the zone is perfect. Chance Time will also show up during a certain part of a song which will require the player to hit most of the notes to fill up a star. If it's filled and the star mark at the end of Chance Time is hit, the song's background video will display a bonus event.


    Project Diva F allows for customizing the Vocaloid characters with different costumes, referred to in the game as modules. Each module is designed to be thematically appropriate for one of the songs in the game. The Vocaloids can also be visited in a Diva Room mode in which the player can interact with them individually to raise a bond level by presenting gifts, customizing each Vocaloid's room with furniture and accessories, and through direct interaction with the Vocaloids.

    Edit Mode

    Players are able to create custom stages. The game is able to use MP3s saved to the PS3/Vita to create new stages, and the player has the ability to edit the stage movie by manipulating a variety of elements. These custom stages can also be shared online, but require that the receiving player have their own copy of the MP3 as that data cannot be shared.

    Studio Mode

    In the Vita version of Project Diva F, Studio Mode is an AR mode that allows the use of the Vita's camera to display Miku on a surface in the environment as she performs a song. In the PS3 version of the game, this AR functionality is exchanged for an on-screen performance in which the player can swap between various camera angles.

    Photo Mode

    In Photo Mode, the Player can select one of the Vocaloids and pose them by choosing from a variety of pose options, such as the basic position, distance from the camera, and facial expression. The player can also select from a variety of preset backgrounds consisting of solid colors, preset patterns, and any of the game's fanart loading screens that have been unlocked. Alternatively, the player can upload JPEG or PNG files within a certain size range to use as a backdrop. Screenshots can then be saved to memory for use outside of the game using the system screenshot function.

    Song List

    • Ievan Polkka (Tutorial Only)
    • Cat Food
    • Secret Police
    • Melancholic
    • Weekender Girl
    • Time Machine
    • DYE
    • Fire◎Flower
    • Summer Idol
    • ACUTE
    • Urbandonment
    • What Do You Mean!?
    • Stay With Me
    • Hm? Ah, Yes.
    • Remote Controller
    • Ashes to Ashes
    • World's End Umbrella
    • Freely Tomorrow
    • Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky
    • Glasses
    • Kagamine HachiHachi Flower Fight
    • World's End Dance Hall
    • The MMORPG Addict's Anthem
    • Nostalogic
    • Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!
    • Unhappy Refrain
    • Odds & Ends
    • Tengaku
    • God-Tier Tune
    • Black★Rock Shooter
    • NegaPosi Continues
    • Sadistic.Music∞Factory
    • Continuing Dream
    • Tell Your World
    • Tokyo Teddy Bear
    • Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku
    • Sweet Devil
    • Rin-chan Now!
    • Senbonzakura

    Studio Mode Only

    • The World Is Mine
    • Miracle Paint
    • I'll Miku-Miku You♪ (For Reals)
    • 1/6 -out of the gravity-
    • 39

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