Heavy Rain

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    An interactive thriller from the studio behind Indigo Prophecy, sporting a dark storyline involving the investigation of a mysterious serial killer.

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    Context is Key 0

    This review is a little late, but hey, why not.  First thing's first, I'm very surprised (in the good way) that Heavy Rain has sold as many units as it has, because ahead of time it seemed it was going to score big with critics but not manage to achieve commercial success. Well done to the gaming nation for giving something new a try, whether they liked it or not. It's nice to see new IP's do well, rather than sequels galore. In the simplest of terms this game is unlike anything you've played be...

    36 out of 38 found this review helpful.

    Digital diaper changing. 0

                  All that is old is new again. A game comprised entirely of quick-time events (a concept that hasn’t been funky fly since Shenmue) combined with the hunt for a Jigsaw-like killer (imitating a movie that hasn’t been interesting since…well the first one), coupled with Resident Evil-like walking controls (which have never been cool.) Throw in the most daring attempt to climb the uncanny valley to date and you have a game that really, really should not have any claim to relevance in t...

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    Emotional Resonance 6

    Heavy Rain, the latest "interactive drama" from developer Quantic Dream, is a game where narrative is king.  With compelling characters, intense set pieces, and a branching storyline, Heavy Rain puts the player in a position where every action has consequences.  Building upon the ideas of Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain seeks to create an emotional experience that shouldn't be missed. Visually the Heavy Rain looks beautiful, the world appears run down and grim which serves to amplify the ov...

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    Our Misspent Youth - Heavy Rain Review 3

    It’s rare that a game totally delivers on its promises. It’s even more rare when a developer manages to live up to the claims they have made. When Quantic Dream announced their follow up to Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit), we heard wild claims of creating new and innovative ways of gaming. That they’d tell a story in a way never before seen in the industry. That they could make you feel, care and hope. That we’d be taken on a journey, as if we were watching a film. Well, after seeing Heavy Rain...

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    Flawed, but the greatness shines through. 0

    Developer Quantic Dream has a history of unique, but ultimately flawed, games. Omikron: The Nomad Soul was just too weird for most people, though it featured an excellent sci-fi storyline. 2005's Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit) innovated greatly in the realm of cinematic experiences in games, but the plot took a turn for the batshit crazy at the end, and turned off many people. With Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream hoped to create their ideal game, an interactive movie that was promoted as t...

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    Wait, so what's done is done? 3

     Those of us who live in video games have always had the luxury of a rather juvenile approach to our video game lives. Did you screw up? Go back and try it again. Do you want to be good or evil? Here are two options for you. Here's what will happen depending on what you choose. Change your mind about which option you wanted? Well, that's alright — just go back and try the other thing. Heavy Rain is a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, emotional stranglehold of a game particularly because it violates...

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    Fresh new baby 0

    I'm the kind of guy who tends to put gameplay first. I like good stories and characters in my games, but if it doesn't play well you can just forget it. That's why I was a little wary of Heavy Rain's extreme focus on narrative, as well as the fact that its gameplay is composed entirely of quick time events. But, some technical oddities aside, Heavy Rain does what it sets out to do. The gameplay serves as a direct conduit for its narrative, allowing Heavy Rain to deliver an experience that pushes...

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    Stuff That I Played: Heavy Rain 0

     SPOILER-FREE, so don't worry about reading. A friend of mine recently was kind enough to lend me his PS3 because he has to study for exams, so I'm finally able to play through some of my most anticipated games on the console. This is gonna be pretty quick because frankly, it's hard to judge Heavy Rain in relation to other games because it's so unique. Heavy Rain isn't really a "game" per se. It's more of an interactive movie; I suppose it's sort of like if you were able to say "DON"T GO THROU...

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    Heavy Rain Review 0

    This PlayStation 3 exclusive will have you investigating the Origami Killer from four different perspectives. You are charged with trying to save a young boy's life who has been captured by the killer and is slowly drowning as the rain continues to pour. You will take on the part of the grieving dad who will do anything to get his son back, the journalist, the private eye, and the FBI agents. All of these characters have their own information that they will use to try to save the kid.Graphically...

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    A poorly written mess. 3

    Honestly David Cage if you decide to make a game where the story is the forefront don't you want it to be well written and directed? Heavy Rain is a mess. A cheesily written and acted cluster fuck of a story ridden with plot holes and things that make little to no sense. It presents itself as an "interactive movie" where your choices affect it's outcome. Yeah, if this were a movie it would be one of those forgettable straight-to-DVD flicks that you'd catch on T.V. one night out of sheer boredom....

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    Haiku Review: Heavy Rain 0

         This is the Haiku Review, where I fully review a game in seventeen syllables, in a 5-7-5 format, letting you know everything to expect from beginning to end for this game.  Heavy Rain Haiku Review by TurboMan : Father saves the son  If you played differently Something else happens        Now meditate on the haiku to really get a sense of if it's worth checking out.               ...

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    An Entirely New Way of Playing a Game 1

    This is the first review I've written in more than 2 years. I thought i was done with reviewing games, but a game like Heavy Rain comes along and changes my entire perspective on the ways games should be played and stories could be told. This game is a revelation.  First, I couldn't help but ponder for hours after I finished the game whether or not I had just experienced a work of art. I know that the "Videogames aren't art" controversy for a while now, but after playing through the entire game ...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Interactive movie... 0

    After playing the demo for this game a few weeks previously I was sooooooo excited to get it, it's actually the first game I've ever had on pre-order! Got it the day it came out and immediately shoved it in the console and was ready to rock. The opening was really promising, being able to move about the house and interact with everything, graphics are beautiful. I played it right the way through that very night. Did I enjoy it? Well yes but I have to say I was a little disappointed. The whole th...

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    Heavy Rain 0

     I'm glad I managed to finish this before the massive failure of older PS3s last night. Here's hoping they fix it without too much trouble. Anyway, Heavy Rain is a different sort of video game. Its creators would have us all completely avoid the label if possible, preferring terms like "interactive drama". It's a video game though, that doesn't have to be a dirty word. It's a different sort of game than we usually play, but still a game. It's the evolution of what Quantic Dream tried a few years...

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    Not Swept Away in the Rain, But Still Fun 0

    The concept of Heavy Rain is great.  The controls are interesting and innovative and the idea of every action counting boggles my mind.  This game took adventure games that I grew up with as a child and brought them into the 21st century.  The story is interesting and it would not be farfetched to see this on a movie screen or on a television series.  The graphics were beautiful and I was constantly impressed by how great everything looked.  I think it has at least the potential for broad appeal...

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    A refreshingly different, and still well made adventure. 0

    It's hard to really convey what Heavy Rain is like.  It is a PS3 exclusive murder mystery themed game that is really greater than the sum of its parts, and its parts are pretty impressive.  This is really a game about telling you a story involving some very interesting characters in a very dynamic and dire situation.  The most fantastic thing about this is that the story the game tells you almost completely depends on you, because you're the one making all the decisions about what the characters...

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    A Much Better, But Still Flawed, Successor To Indigo Prophecy 0

       Note: This Review Will Contain Minor Plot Spoilers From Heavy Rain, But Nothing From Later In The Game  Quantic Dream released Indigo Prophecy back in 2005, and while the game was very unique and fresh, it still had many flaws. Luckily, Quantic Dream has fixed most of the issues present in Indigo Prophecy with there brand new title, Heavy Rain, which is built on the same general concept and design as their last game. This concept being, of course, the idea that story is the most impor...

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    Heavy Rain Offers Something Truly Unique & Amazing 0

    Heavy Rain is a game that has been hyped up in every possible way that it begs the question can the game really live up to the hype? The answer is mostly yes. However that isn't to say the game is without it's flaws.  Let's start off with what Heavy Rain does right since it does so much right. The game succeeds ...

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    Pretty graphics, tough choices can't save awful story 0

    It's been nearly three years since I played the game, but the disappointment of the Heavy Rain experience was so extreme at the time it's hard to forget all the biggest details. It should be made clear that one of my favorite games as a kid was 1997's Blade Runner, the "real-time" detective game on PC that made a real effort to present a world that reacted to your actions, and gave you plenty of options to progress through an otherwise linear story and tailor the game to your own personal intuit...

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    Heavy Rain Review 0

      Heavy Rain is a rare gem. It doesn't really have an equivalent, the closest game I can think of is Indigo Prophecy also developed by Quantic Dream. Thankfully though Heavy Rain is a far better game and experience and will take you places you never thought video games could.  Heavy Rain is the story of 4 characters who are all involved in the hunt for the Origami Killer, a serial killer who kidnaps and drowns young boys, leaving only an origami figure on their dead bodies. The player starts the...

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    Heavy Rain was Amazing!!! 0

    This game was an amazing experience. It had that Indigo Prophecy feel to it but even better. It was like actually playing a movie except u can change the things that happens depending on your decisions. The graphics was excellent and also the voice acting. The game keeps you on your feet and have you thinking.  This is the most creative game I have ever played especially the way the gameplay is with the button pressing controls.  The most disturbing part of the game was when u decided to cut off...

    6 out of 11 found this review helpful.

    "I feel like everyone is being tricked." Heavy Rain is my Shenmue 1

     This review contains someof plot **SPOILERS**. You've been warned. Leading up to this Playstation exclusive game's release, the internet was ablaze with anticipation. Writer/producer David Cage promised an adult, thoughtful narrative full of realistic, deeply emotional characters the player could empathize with. A veritable tour de force in video game storytelling. Gamers that own only a PS3 were ready to call this a defining reason everyone game on the Sony platform. A stunning gem that would...

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    A must play game for all PS3 owners 0

    When I first saw Heavy Rain, I must say that I was skeptical.  I game that only uses quicktime events for gameplay? No thanks.  But as I continued to here about the story and the intense scenes in it, I got increasingly interested until the demo came out.  Then I decided that this game seemed cool enough and that I would rent it sometime.  I was lucky enough to get it the first day it game out at our local rental store and have been playing it over the last week, and let me tell you this:  THIS ...

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    A unique game built around storytelling 0

     Humans have been telling stories since we crawled out of that primordial soup and began walking upright, chasing tusked mammals with clubs. The only difference now is that a story can be told through a wide variety of mediums such as films, music, comics, and video games, rather than just through grunts around the campfire. However, there are substantial distinctions between those forms of media, which lend each of them to different types of stories and different methods of storytelling. Theref...

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    Gamers Marmite, on sale now! buy it. Or don't 0

     Heavy Rain is going to divide people, lets get that straight right away. Its labelled as an "interactive Drama" for a start, which is bound to put people off. The Hundredth Idiot Team are quite divided on it too, with our own Editor-in-Chief describing it as boring looking. This seems a crying shame, as this is one of the most edge of the seat experiences i have ever had. Heavy Rain tells the story of four characters and their individual hunts for the Origami Killer, a serial child murderer tho...

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    Groundbreaking Cinematic Masterpiece 0

    I’ve been a gamer all of my life.  I remember getting my first video game system, a Super Nintendo, in elementary school and playing Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country on it endlessly.  Through the years I’ve seen gaming grow and evolve and have played countless classics, from Super Mario 64 to Metal Gear Solid.  The industry’s come a long way technically since my days playing the SNES, but in a lot ways, I feel like today’s games fail to capture the magic of past generations.  Every year...

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    An emotional reaction 0

     I’m exhausted, my heart is still racing. Heavy Rain is a punishing experience, both physically and emotionally. The roller-coaster of events, shocking twists and riveting action kept me very literally on the edge of my seat. This is a new form of narrative, an entirely different way to experience a story, to be drawn into its mystery have impact on its events.  Forgoing traditional controls, every action is performed with a context sensitive movement or timed button press.   Every option from ...

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    Awkward walking through a great story 0

    I think that in a certain sense, reading up on the well publicized idea that there are no "game overs" actually enhanced my enjoyment of this game.  Knowing that there were no restarts or endless retries definitely ratcheted up the intensity, especially in a game where the subject is a murder mystery.  Also, the expectation laden in most video games that "if you fail, the story starts over" actually made that knowledge required for me to enjoy the game at all.  The story progressed so smoothly f...

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    An exhilarating experience and quite unlike anything we have seen 0

     Bing! “Thank you for supporting interactive drama!” chimes the PSN trophy. David Cage is very comfortable with what his latest project has become and is unafraid to define it. Heavy Rain may take some time to gather momentum but once it’s rolling, you’ll be powerless to stop it. Few games, or other media for that matter involve the player in the story as an emotionally engaged participant, instead tending to leave you on the sideline as a passive observer. Dark, beautiful and thrilling, Heavy R...

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    A Nearly Pefect Journey Into Classic Crime Film Noir 0

      Having just finished my first foray into the world of Heavy Rain I am pleased to say that my anticipation has not been in vain. While there are occasional hiccups in the graphics and audio it is not enough to detract from the engaging and albeit somewhat personal attachment you gain with the characters and story.   Story:   The story of Heavy Rain (in a spoiler free nut shell) revolves around an American city in which over the past two years there has been a series of kidnappings and dro...

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    Late to the Party 0

    Okay well I'm not actually late, just late writing the review. I actually played this game a couple years ago, before deciding to buy the director's cut to experience it again. Yes, I bought this game to experience it a second time. Then a third.Heavy Rain is kind of like an interactive movie. Created by the same studio who gave us Indigo Prophecy and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream, this game gives you a one of a kind experience that you really can't find anywhere else.You play a...

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    Heavy Rain, Light Writing 0

    Reviews taken from my blog at: HEAVY RAIN REVIEW PS3 Quantic Dream is a developer you want to root for. They do things differently; they take risks that others wouldn’t dream of selling to their investors, but is it worth it? Heavy Rain, dubbed as interactive drama, is much Indigo Prophecy before it (Fahrenheit outside North America), less game than playable movie. It doesn’t always mean you’ll be riveted, unless brushing your teeth ...

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    The Art of (non) Interaction 0

     Overall, I am glad to see the next generation of point and click adventures. After all that is basically what Heavy Rain is. Instead of static backgrounds, there are beautifully rendered environments to walk through. Instead of clicking on an object with a mouse, there are some of the best quick time events (QTEs) seen in video games. But how well does this game pick up the torch of graphic adventures and does it offer anything new to bring this genre back into the forefront of gaming?The games...

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    The heaviest of all rains 0

    Heavy Rain Review      Not much known about this game, it promises to be more of an interactive movie experience with a captivating story, will it be a new idea for other games for future years or will it follow the line of other movie/video game adaptations?      In the games Epilogue we see Ethan Mars in his old life, while getting used to this games unique style of controls. To move you point your head in a direction using the left analog and use the R2 trigger in order to move in that d...

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    Very Solid 0

    Heavy Rain is by no means a perfect game (if you even want to call it that), but despite its small flaws it's a unique experience and anyone who appreciates strong storytelling in video games should check it out.  Quantic Dream's previous game "Indigo Prophecy" set a bit of a precedent for this title with it's heavy use of Quick Time Events, and Heavy Rain improves upon the non traditional gameplay formula in almost every way. The game is paced very nicely with short bite size sequences with eac...

    2 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Raindrops Get Falling On My Head 0

    Heavy Rain emphasizes the story in ways few games try.  Just consider that the developers are calling it "Interactive Drama", and you'll see just how important the plot is to them.  I wrapped up my first playthrough of Heavy Rain back in February, and it's still managed to stick in my brain.  Not many video game stories do that.  Heavy Rain was developed by Quantic Dream, whose prior work was the very good, yet admittedly flawed Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit, if you're in Europe) .  Heavy Rain ...

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    THE most important game released on the PS3, maybe this gen 1

    Oh, Heavy Rain. You were thrown out as a sign of how video games have matured, and how they can be taken seriously by the average consumer. How well did you deliver on those hopes? Better than I could have imagined or hoped for.  SetupHeavy Rain is a fairly simple game. The player takes control of four different characters throughout the game. They don't have any unique abilities (besides Jayden and his matrix-style ARI), but each one feels different from one another. The main gameplay element...

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    If you like mystery 0

    I finished it 9 hours after I got the game so yeah I pulled an allnighter. This is my first review so I don't have a real format to do it in.  Lets start with the story, I only played it once so I don't know if anything changes with the ending but I can see how they would do it if there is a change. The story goes with your decisions so its difficult to really answer this, if you like mystery books and movies then why not try a mystery game  Gameplay is exactly what you see in the gameplay video...

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    A big step forward for videogame storytelling 0

    When I heard that Quantic Dream were making another narrative-heavy adventure where the player’s choices have an impact on the story, I had nightmarish visions of their last game, Fahrenheit, all over. Fahrenheit was the first game to be developed exclusively in hell: it lured you in with false promises, and initially looked and played very well, and just as you had invested enough time in it, it pulled the rug from under your feet. Past the point of no return, you almost felt obliged to ...

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    Heavy Rain, an 'experience' that goes beyond conventional thought 0

     Every game is an experience. There are games that every gamer should play if you like FPS, Puzzles, MMO, Action-Adventure etc. etc., and there are a select few that EVERY gamer should play. Welcome in Heavy Rain.Described as an 'Interactive Drama,' Heavy Rain in it's basic concept is a choose your own adventure book, but think with the leaps and bounds that the latest Star Trek movie is compared to the Original Series. The story goes on no-matter what happens, there is no sense of losi...

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    A flawed gem. 0

     As one of the most hyped and well-received cinematic games of 2010, it's easy to expect nothing short of a Stanley-Kubrick-quality tour de force from Heavy Rain. It's admittedly unfair to expect Quantic Dream to release an Oscar-caliber screenplay in the shell of a choose-your-own-adventure video game. But at the same time, for a game that has been so heavily hyped specifically for its characters and storytelling, the reality of playing Heavy Rain can be a little disappointing for those expecti...

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    ..... Lost for words. 0

    This game I don't know how to say it but its so great even if the Controller mechanic can drive me nods. The store is so good, and it keeps you guessing, and the sound and BG is so good. The characters are outstanding made it really drew me in. Under different circumstances, I would hate this game for the controls alone, but the game was so good that it didn't really matter....

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    So Heavy Rain is pretty damned good. 0

     ProsGreat looking, well-developed, interesting characters who are fairly easy to grow attached to.Good soundtrack.Loads of cinematic flair - good use of lighting, camera angles.Unique gameplay.Engaging story. ConsMovement controls can be a little bit wonky.English voice acting isn't always spot on.I'm finding it hard to come up with a lot to say about Heavy Rain, so I'll be brief.I can say I've never played anything like it before.Truth be told there isn't a lot of 'playing' in Heavy Rain.It r...

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    A step on the path 0

    Heavy Rain is the most recent video game from French developer Quantic Dream, and continues development along the same lines as their previous title, cult favorite Indigo Prophecy, making gameplay take an extreme backseat to storytelling.  Heavy Rain aspires to be an interactive story, and by and large it succeeds; often times during a playthrough, I didn't feel like I was playing a video game, but that I was a part of a story-telling experience.  However, Quantic Dreams is a victim of its own s...

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