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    The HUcast is a male android Hunter who is one of the playable characters in the Phantasy Star Online series. He specializes in melee combat.

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    The HUcast is the closest thing to a prototypical ' tank' in the world of Phantasy Star Online. He has the highest attack power potential of any class, giving him unmatched proficiency in melee combat, which the player can augment by also putting a emphasis on accuracy. This makes him a fairly good character for a beginning player, although it takes skill and experience, as well as support from other characters, to use the class to its full

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    Because the HUcast is an Android character, he lacks the ability to use Techniques, but makes up for this with the ability to set traps that damage the enemy or inflict them with certain status effects. Also, all Android characters receive gradual health regeneration when not in battle.


    Except in cases where the player is under-leveled for a certain quest or area, most of the time spent playing as a HUcast will be spent directly

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    attacking enemies. As with other Hunters, the HUcast has access to every type of melee weapon. Because of his high attack power, some players prefer to use weapons that can hit multiple enemies at once, such as Swords and Partisans, as a form of crowd control. However, when playing with a group, sometimes it is more effective to focus attacks on a particular enemy.

    The HUcast has access to a limited number of ranged weapons, including Handguns and Mechguns. Mechguns are a popular choice, again due to the character's high attack power; this combination requires a focus on hit percentages, especially on higher difficulty levels, due to the relatively low intrinsic accuracy of the weapon type.

    Appearances as an NPC

    The first time a player is introduced to HUcast in the story of Phantasy Star Online is during the very first quest that they are given at the Hunter's Guild counter. In this quest, entitled 'Battle Training', the player must accompany a character named Kireek to search for a lost Hunter, Ash. The quest takes place in the Forest, the game's first dungeon, and Kireek, who is depicted as a veteran hunter burdened by the task of dragging the player along on the quest, presents dialogue intended as a tutorial for the game's battle system.


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