Hwa Jai

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    Joe Higashi's friend and male rival in the Fatal Fury Series

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    Much like Joe Higashi, Hwa Jai is trained in traditional Muay Thai. Hwa Jai was a world renown Thai boxer and hailed in his homeland, but despite all of this was never able to best his most challenging opponent, Joe Higashi. This resulted in Hwa Jai to cheat during his matches, after attempting to best his opponent without any aid and if he relized he was going to lose, would drink a strange liquor that would boost his speed and power. Over time Hwa Jai began to win more and more and even won several international tournaments, but he feared that he would be found cheating. He moved to SouthTown where the rules of a fair fight do not apply. He entered into the King of Fighters tournament after he learned that his long time nemsis Joe Higashi had also entered. During their match Hwa Jai drank his special liquor and almost bested Joe but was still defeated by the superiorly trained Joe. He returned to Thailand, humbled and began to train others that wanted to learn and gave up his power boosting drink. Since that time Joe and Hwa Jai have become good friends and sparring partners. Hwa Jai was beaten to near death by Wolfgang Krauser before the second tournament and was avenged by Joe in an act of friendship.

    Fatal Fury Move list

    Power drink - when Hwa Jai has 2/3 of his energy or less he will automatically drink and become more powerful and faster than normal

    Dragon Kick - similar to Joe Higashi's tiger kick, Hwa Jai flies upward with a knee strike.


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