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    Australian wrestler from the Fatal Fury series, AKA Big Bear

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    The Big Bear Persona
    The Big Bear Persona

    Raiden is an Australian wrestler who hails from Alice Springs. When he plays a vilian for his fans he assumes the persona of Raiden, but when he needs to play the hero he assumes the persona of Big Bear.

    Raiden/Big Bear is one of Geese's henchmen and is also a friend of Terry Bogard despite this fact. He threw the fight against Terry Bogard, so that Terry would be one step closer to defeating Geese Howard during the first King of Fighters tournament. After the fall of Geese Raiden invented the Big Bear persona so he could be one of the good guys.

    Move lists

    • Poison Spray - Raiden/Big Bear spit green mist into his opponents face, like many japanese wrestlers.
    • Drop Kick - Raiden/Big Bear does a flying drop kick that knocks down his opponents
    • Giant Bomb - A powerful shoulder slam attack that knocks down opponents with ease.
    • Feint Giant Bomb - A fake Giant bomb attack that allows for a punishment set up.

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