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    Jeff Andonuts

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    A prodigy from Winters and the son of Dr. Andonuts, Jeff is the third playable character to join the party in EarthBound.

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    Jeff Andonuts is a playable character in the 1994 role-playing game EarthBound for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He is one of the "chosen four" children that were prophesied by the Apple of Enlightenment to defeat Giygas and save Earth, and the third playable character to join Ness' party. Jeff is a student attending Snow Wood Boarding School in Winters, a snowy country far to the north of Eagleland. He is also the son of the famous scientist and inventor Dr. Andonuts.

    Jeff is introduced after Ness and Paula have been captured by zombies in the town of Threed. With no way to escape, Paula sends out a telepathic message to the distant land of Winters that awakens Jeff, who immediately sets off to find Paula. With the help of his best friend Tony and a senior student named Maxwell Labs, Jeff sneaks out of Snow Wood's dormitories during the night and heads south towards his father's lab. Along the way, he also meets the gum-loving Bubble Monkey and "Tessie", a mythical aquatic creature residing in Lake Tess. On the lake's opposite shore, Jeff and Bubble Monkey encounter a short dungeon built by "dungeon enthusiast" Brick Road, who promises to meet Jeff again later in the game. Eventually Jeff reaches the lab and meets his father, Dr. Andonuts, after nearly a decade's absence. The two share an awkward reunion and Jeff receives the Sky Runner, Dr. Andonuts' flying saucer, which he pilots toward Threed to rescue Ness and Paula.


    Jeff is a middling physical attacker and equips Guns as his primary weapons. His special "Spy" command allows him to check a single enemy's stats as well as any potential weaknesses to specific PSI attacks; additionally, this command causes Jeff to automatically steal any items from an enemy that would've otherwise dropped at the end of combat. Although he cannot use PSI himself, Jeff has inherited his father's genius intellect and can repair certain broken items to create useful gear. Jeff's ability to repair an item is based on his IQ stat; a higher IQ will allow him to fix more powerful items. These repaired items include equippable Gun-type weapons and unique multiple-use battle items that can only be used by Jeff.

    Broken ItemRepaired ItemFound AtIQ Req.
    Broken MachineCounter-PSI UnitApple Kid's House1
    Broken Spray CanDefense SprayVarious Junk Shops1
    Broken IronSlime GeneratorVarious Junk Shops10
    Broken Air GunMagnum Air GunSnow Wood Boarding School12
    Broken LaserLaser GunBelch's Factory24
    Broken PipeShield KillerDr. Andonuts' Lab30
    Broken CannonSpectrum BeamScaraba Bazaar32
    Broken GadgetDouble BeamFourside Junk Shop34
    Broken TubeHungry HP-SuckerMonkey Caves36
    Broken TrumpetDefense ShowerStonehenge Base40
    Broken BazookaHeavy BazookaFourside Sewers45
    Broken HarmonicaBaddest BeamStonehenge Base55
    Broken AntennaGaia BeamLumine Hall (enemy drop)*65

    Note: The Broken Antenna can be found as a random item drop from the Uncontrollable Sphere enemies in Lumine Hall.

    Besides repaired items, Bottle Rockets are Jeff's most devastating method of dealing damage and can be purchased at certain arms dealers throughout the game.


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