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    Jorhan Stahl

    Character » appears in 2 games

    CEO of Stahl Arms, and the main antagonist of Killzone 3, as well as one of the main antagonists in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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    Jorhan Stahl is the main antagonist of Killzone 3. He is portrayed by actor Malcolm McDowell in both his voice and motion capture. Stahl, a CEO of a Helghan arms corporation named after himself, seeks to fill in the power vacuum left by the death of Emperor Scholar Visari at the end of Killzone 2, going so far as to murder Visari's appointed successor, Admiral Orlock, while ISA forces were approaching them. His corporation is chiefly responsible for the weaponization of a highly volitile compound, petrusite, which would end up bringing about the destruction of Helghan.

    "Though admittedly, I've seen better days."

    Though left disabled from petrusite exposure during the destruction of Helghan and confined to life support in his age, Stahl immediately sets about restoring the glory of the Helghast. Using his clout among the military, he pressures Chancellor Hera Visari into a plot to use a Vektan-made bio-weapon against them, with the help of a scientist who defects to their side. Fiercely patriotic, he believes that New Helghan in its current form is a fantasy, and that the Helghast can only survive with the elimination of the Vektans. His contempt for non-Helghast, disinterest in peaceful coexistence and deep influence in the military effectively makes him a mirror of the VSA's Thomas Sinclair.


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