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    Tomas Sevchenko

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    The main character in Killzone 2 and 3. A hard-working, by-the-books leader who exudes quiet professionalism. Also known as "Sev".

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    Sergent 1st Class Tomas Sevchenko

    • Position

      Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko is Team Second in Command of the ISA Vekta Special Forces Team Alpha.
    • Age

    • Military Affiliation

       ISA Vekta Army
    • Personality:

      Quiet, thoughtful, professional, resourceful, courageous.
    • Personal Goals/Aims

      Sev has almost exactly the motivation that Templar looks for in a soldier and leader of soldiers. With the idealism of youth burned away, Sev has taken the loss of his family hard, but without losing his perspective. He is now driven to bring this wasteful conflict to an end, but is not consumed by fanatical hatred of the enemy that has cost him so much.  
    Alpha Team: Dante Garza, "Sev" Tomas Sevchenko, Shawn Natko, Rico Velasquez

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