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K.G. Misawa is a soldier in the Galactic Federation Army of the Metroid universe. His first and only appearance in the series comes in the game Metroid: Other M. He is a member of a team led by Adam Malkovich that arrives at the Bottle Ship to infiltrate and search for survivors. K.G.'s designated role on the team is that of the recon specialist.

K.G.'s Fate

Outside of some early scenes in which K.G. is gathered with Samus and the other Galactic Federation soldiers, he is seldom seen or heard from during the course of the game's story. Shortly after Samus learns that there is a traitor among the team whom she labels the "deleter," there is a short cutscene in a different part of the ship where the traitor is shown dumping the corpse of an unidentified squad member into a smelter pit.

From this point on, K.G. is a suspect and remains as such until near the end of the game, when all but one of the squad members are dead. With only the deleter remaining, Samus gives pursuit, but the deleter is killed by MB before Samus can confront him. When she reaches the body, it is that of the team's electronics expert, James Pierce.

With James outed as the deleter, it is revealed through the process of elimination that it was the corpse of the unfortunate K.G. that had been dumped into the pit. However, because no one alive knew the truth behind K.G.'s death and his body couldn't be found, his character profile in the game's epilogue chapter states that he is missing in action and is not officially considered deceased.


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