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Lyle Smithsonian worked as a member of Adam Malkovich's 07th platoon during the incident on the Bottle Ship. Lyle first appeared outside of the hangar bay, trying to blast open a door leading to the system management area. The door proved to be too sturdy for the C4, so Lyle suggested using a laser from their ship to cut the door open. As he got ready to fetch the laser, Samus opened the door with her beam cannon, gaining the approval of Lyle. Lyle inspected the next corridor, and led the 07th platoon out of the area.

A short while later, Lyle and the other members of the 07th platoon met with Samus in large room set up as the command center for the platoon. Together, they discovered the body of a scientist brutally maimed from an unknown source. As they investigated the corpse, Lyle found a large insect and opened fire with his machine gun, completely terrified of the insect. As fellow soldier James Pierce told Lyle to calm down, a massive hoard of insects came crawling down from the ceiling, forming the giant creature Brug Mass. Together, they are able to destroy Brug Mass, with Lyle asking sarcastically, "Did it have to be bugs?"

After, Lyle was given orders to investigate Sector 1 of the Bottle Ship by himself. When Adam later ordered for his men to rendezvous at the Testing facility, Lyle failed to show up with the other soldiers. His body is then discovered outside of the facility, having been torn shreds by the wild life.


Though never stated, it's probable that Lyle was killed by the infant Ridley. It is revealed later in the game that Ridley's larval form is the same as the empty shell found outside the Testing facility. It is also shown that Ridley was able to kill a scientist in his larval stage by pretending to be cute and harmless. It is likely that Lyle was fooled by the same trick.


Lyle Smithsonian [Special Ops Soldier]

Battle Code Number


Service Record

Galactic Federation Training Academy

Training Base #3

Special Ops Training Center

Galactic Federation, 07th Platoon

ID: 2537-07:51290

During early development of Other M, Lyle had a friendly and helpful personality like Anthony Higgs. Developer notes mentioned that he was supposed to be a "healing" character, as opposed to ferocity of his comrades. As development continued, they eventually made Lyle into an impatient and rough soldier.


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