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    Adam Malkovich

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    An officer that Samus Aran had served under in her past. He was distinctly respectful in the way he always referred to her as "Lady."

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    General Adam Malkovich is an officer in the Galactic Federation Army in the Metroid universe. He served as Samus Aran's commanding officer during a period when she was a member of the army until she left to become a bounty hunter. The two share a highly respectful bond, though it was shaken by the circumstances related to Samus's departure from the military.

    During a rescue mission being overseen by Adam, his own brother Ian was sent on board a spacecraft in distress to assist in the evacuation of the ship's personnel. However, the situation grew critical, and Adam was forced to choose between risking an attempt to rescue Ian, or play it safe and command the rescue vessel to evacuate the area. Despite Samus's pleas to allow her to attempt Ian's rescue, Adam chose to evacuate. Moments after the rescue vessel retreated, the distressed ship exploded, and Ian was killed. As it turned out, Adam's choice was the correct one, as there wouldn't have been enough time for a rescue attempt to succeed, and the rescue vessel's crew was spared.

    However, Samus, still young and deeply attached to both Adam and Ian, couldn't accept the choice that Adam made. Shortly thereafter, she left the military and Adam behind, and eventually became a bounty hunter. Adam, in the meantime, stayed in the army and was eventually promoted to General.

    Some years later, a distress signal sent from the Bottle Ship caught Adam's attention, and he mounted a rescue operation with a team of soldiers under his command; Lyle Smithsonian, James Pierce, Maurice Favreau, Anthony Higgs, and K.G. Misawa. Shortly after arriving, he and his team encounter Samus, who had also answered the distress call.

    At first, Adam tries to keep Samus at a distance and specifically refers to her as an outsider not privy to the plans of the army. However, once it becomes clear that the chances of the mission succeeding would be vastly improved by Samus's presence, he grudgingly allows her to assist his team under the condition that she follow his commands. Samus agrees to this, and he then sends her out to search the ship along with the rest of his team. The comm station in the ship's command room is able to provide him with a direct feed from her visor, allowing him to see everything that she sees and to stay in constant communication with her.

    Over the course of the mission, Adam directs Samus on her objectives, and gradually they piece together the events that led to the Bottle Ship's current state. However, just as Samus encounters Ridley and panics due to a traumatic memory, Adam is attacked from behind by an unseen assailant, most likely MB, and his line of communication with Samus is lost.

    After fending off the attack, Adam continues to monitor Samus over the video feed, but has no means by which he can communicate warnings to her. After MB tricks Samus into heading for Sector 0, he rushes from the station in order to stop Samus before she falls for the trap. As he catches up to her, he takes the drastic measure of knocking her unconscious.

    As Samus awakens, Adam reveals the full truth of what he knows regarding the facility. He also admits to having written a report on the use of Metroids as bioweapons, but also states that his report specifically argued against their use and that Galactic Federation Headquarters agreed with his views. However, a subset of GF personnel decided to proceed with Metroid research using the findings of his report as their basis from which to begin. He also warns Samus that the Metroids housed in Sector 0 have been genetically altered; they cannot be frozen, and thus any attempt she made to destroy them would be futile.

    Knowing this, Adam chooses to enter Sector 0 by himself and trigger the self-destruct sequence that will detach the sector from the ship and cause it to detonate, taking out all of the Metroids on board with it. Samus pleads for him not to go and to allow her to try fighting them off, just as she had pleaded with him to let her attempt Ian's rescue years before. However, Adam tells Samus that there's more that still needs to be done, and orders her to both defeat Ridley and locate a survivor that was detected in the ship's Bioweapons Research Center.

    His final order given, Adam enters Sector 0 and seals the door behind him so that Samus can't follow. After paying his respects to Samus one last time, he charges deeper into the sector in order to initiate the self-destruct sequence. With his death, Samus feels a new sense of strength within her, and moves on to complete the mission.

    Adam in Metroid Fusion

    Sometime prior to his death, Adam had his mind copied into an AI program; a standard procedure for important figures in the Galactic Federation military and government. At the start of Metroid Fusion, Samus is presented with a new gunship in which this AI has been planted as an assistant. At first, Samus is unaware that the AI is Adam, and mentally refers to it as such because its mannerisms remind her so much of him. It isn't until late in the game that she accidentally refers to the AI as Adam out loud, leading to the revelation of the truth.

    In Metroid Fusion, Adam serves a similar role as he did in Other M by providing Samus with objectives and unsealing sections of the BSL Research Station in order to hunt down SA-X.


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